Anti-Pope Francis Praises Sweden’s White Extermination Program

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
February 16, 2014

Pope Francis has praised Sweden regarding its policy of having opened borders (which allows millions of non-Whites to flood into Sweden), and its strong assimilation policy which demands native White Swedes adopt these strangers into their communities, schools, and families.

When Anti-Pope Francis isn't praising the Jews or demanding tolerance of abortion and homosexuality, he is celebrating the extermination of White Europeans.
When Anti-Pope Francis isn’t praising the Jews or demanding tolerance of abortion and homosexuality, he is celebrating the extermination of White Europeans.

The Pope was invited onto Vatican Radio, and he said “Sweden opens its borders, organizes language classes, gives economic assistance, and offers paths to join society

We have so many refugees, but no one wants them. They are a bad word.

The Pope said he was full of praise for Sweden who he said has “great saints” and said that it was “nice to find people with such a heart“.

They do not have anyone in a concentration camp and other such terrifying places. That’s an example we can present to the world. Because in reality it is the only country that is doing that, and is not filled with misery.”

It is not thereby suffering. This is the message Sweden presents. Open your heart to your brother, your sister, who has nowhere to live, to work, to sleep peacefully,” he said.

Speaking specifically about Sweden’s immigration policy, he held the country up as an example for other nations to follow. Last September the Swedish government offered permanent residency to all Syrian refugees who had come to Sweden, in a move that was praised and criticized on both sides of the immigration debate.

The Pope justifies White Genocide because he, like all anti-Whites are constantly having their words ripped to shreds by White people who carry out scientific experiments.

In past times, Galileo was a “heretic” because he pointed out the obvious truth that the Earth was not the center of the Solar System, and to “anti-heretics” in those days, Galileo was a “heretic” who had spoken “heresy” (or “hate speech”).

Today, we are in a similar situation. All White countries on Earth are expected to bring in millions of non-White immigrants. Once non-Whites are a large enough part of the population, White people are expected to marry or partner with non-Whites, and produce mixed race children. Anti-Whites continually brag about how there will be this “mixed race future” – but this is happening ONLY in White countries.

ONLY White countries are expected to have opened borders. Japan, a rich, ex-colonial, country, with a low birth-rate, aging population, and which allied with the Nazis during World War 2, but it is free to remain 98.5% Japanese, and no one is screaming “racist nazis” at Japan, or even questioning Japan’s right to stay Japanese.

ONLY White countries are expected to adopt this “mixed race future” policy. This is not a social experiment – it is genocide, White genocide.

Africa for Black people, Asia for Oriental people, but White countries for everyone?