Anti-Le Pen Banner: “Let’s Race-Mix – White is Dirty”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 26, 2016


This banner was unfurled at an anti-National Front demonstration. It reads “let’s race-mix, White is dirty.” NF activists were protesting against an “asylum center” opening in La Chapelle Sur Vire

As far as I’m aware, France is the only country where the organized leftist opposition openly talks about sexually mingling with the foreign hordes as a form of protest against the country itself. It’s not that the leftists in other countries wouldn’t do this, but there is just this demographics problem, since the Moslems keep their women while taking ours. There isn’t an even exchange like “yo Mohammad, we’ll give you our blonde sluts but let us bang your back-hair trash-bag hoes aight?”

The hajis are all give and no take.

I guess these French leftists are either literal cuckolds and like seeing their women bang foreign brown men or they are having gay sex with each other and the Arabs.

What a bunch of friggin degenerates.