Anti-Journalist Violence is Just Something These People are Going to Have to Get Used To

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 4, 2018

This site, Daily Stormer, is completely opposed to all forms of violence. This has consistently been our position for five years (anniversary today btw, m8).

However, being opposed to violence does not mean I don’t understand that violence is a reality of the world of men, and that there are causes for it.

The media has created a situation, through their own behavior, which has made them the most hated class of persons on earth. It is their own fault that people want to murder them. They are a group of liars and criminals, who have conspired as a class to work with the international elite in order to destroy not simply America as a nation, but the individual lives of individual Americans.

So it is only natural that as our society continues to spiral out of control, journalists are increasingly going to become a target of violence.

And while I am opposed to violence, I am not going to pretend that it bothers me that journalists must now live in a constant state of fear that the people they have betrayed as a part of their conspiracy could at any moment, any day of the week, decide to strike back at them.


Another case of violent threats made toward journalists will play itself out in the court system, less than a week after a gunman entered the Capital Gazette newsroom in Annapolis, Md. and killed five people.

Jason Eric Bewley, of Bryan, Texas, was arrested last week in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, near Charlotte. He’s been charged with transmitting threats through interstate communications, a federal crime, according to jail records.

According to his federal indictment, which came down April 11 and was only recently unsealed by the courts, Bewley threatened to burn down a Texas TV station in a telephone tirade after harassing the station’s general manager Mike Wright through email, and calling him “a dead man walking.”

He spent nearly the next three months on the run, the Houston Chronicle reported, until authorities found him in North Carolina.

“It’s too bad you’re a dead man walking,” Bewley emailed Wright in May 2017, the indictment reads. “I will split your skull open Mike Wright KBTX.”

KBTX is a TV station based in Bewley’s hometown of Bryan, Texas. Wright has served as the station’s general manager since 2003 and has a background in sports play-by-play announcing, most recently being named the Texas A&M PA field announcer in 2017, according to the station.

Less than a month later, according to the indictment, Bewley ripped into another staffer over the phone, threatening to “come down there and rip your eyes out and skull f— you.

“I’ll burn the f—-ng building to the ground,” Bewley threatened, according to the indictment.

It was a Houston grand jury that indicted Bewley after a judge there issued a warrant for his arrest in April. He is in the process of being extradited back to Texas, where he is due in federal court for his next appearance on Friday.

Zero tears will be shed for dead journalists.

In preparation for the inevitable series of slaughters that is coming up, I am currently in the process of organizing Westboro Baptist Church style protests of their funerals.

Again, I want to stress that I wish things were peaceful.

But people are being harmed. Journalists are serving as the enforcers of an elite agenda to destroy America, and create a new world order.

People have been backed up against a wall.

And the peasants have very high-powered pitchforks in this country.

I would much rather see an organized series of large protests of Jews, demanding they be ejected from America as a class. But the enforcer class of the ruling elite is always the initial target of a peasant uprising.

If journalists didn’t want to be the target of a national campaign of bloody vengeance, they probably shouldn’t have taken jobs as destroyers of America.

The fire has already started.