Anti-Impeachment Democrat to Announce Party Switch

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 15, 2019

Now is definitely a good time for any Democrats who represent non-insane districts to jump ship.

This impeachment fight is literally unwinnable, and Trump is going to win the election in 2020, and a lot of that is going to be blamed on Congress for impeaching him.

Punished Trump will strut.

Only the real diehards in the Democrat voter base are not going to be self-reflecting.

New York Times:

Representative Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, a moderate Democrat who is among his party’s staunchest opponents of impeaching President Trump, told aides on Saturday that he is planning to switch parties and declare himself a Republican as soon as next week, just as the House is casting its historic votes on articles of impeachment.

At a White House meeting on Friday, Mr. Van Drew sought Mr. Trump’s blessing for the move, which could be critical to his ability to avoid a primary challenge next year, and the president urged him to make the jump, according to two Democrats and one Republican who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the talks were intended to be private.

Mr. Van Drew has spoken with senior advisers to Mr. Trump about announcing his switch at an event at the White House either immediately before or just after the House votes on two articles of impeachment, which is expected to happen on Wednesday, according to Republicans and Democrats.

Beyond the potential boost to Mr. Van Drew’s own political fortunes, the move would also provide a silver lining for Mr. Trump as he becomes the third president ever to be impeached. The president has characterized the drive to remove him as an entirely partisan exercise that will cost Democrats their majority in the House, and a high-profile Democratic defection could help bolster his case while allowing him to divert attention from the vote.

The vote is diverting attention from itself. I read more news than anyone else, and this is like, not even in the top 25 stories for me right now.

I’m much more interested in Chinese pig-monkeys. Or monkey-pigs or whatever you call these critters.

The media is complaining that no one cares about the impeachment. But everyone knows it is zero stakes. Why would anyone care, unless they were virulent anti-Semites simply gawking in horror at how Jewish this all is?