Anti-Freedom Oath Keeper Boomer Terrorists Claim They Dindu Nuffin

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 13, 2017

From now on: every article in this site is about the Houston event.

After having been called out for actually sending an illegal immigrant to physically assault someone from the Alt-Right whose opinions they don’t agree with, and then running the Alt-Righters out of a protest space while shouting “fucking Nazis,” the Oath Keepers are saying they didn’t do nothing.

In response to an article on covering the Houston assault, the group announced on their Facebook page that they were not responsible for this, and that none of the people there claiming to be Oath Keepers and wearing Oath Keepers gear, were actual Oath Keepers.

URGENT: The attacker in the video/article posted in the comments on this thread has been checked out by our membership dept. He is NOT a member of the oath Keepers. Oath Keepers were not even scheduled to attend this event. We don’t know who the other men are that are being represented as Oath Keepers. This is a deliberate hit piece.

As we mentioned yesterday, when you read the Oath Keeper’s Wikipedia page, they seem like cool guys. It turns out, most of what they claim to believe in they don’t actually believe in. However, along with apparently being really, really excited about guns, they also believe in conspiracy theories.

Just none of the good ones.

If they want conspiracies, they should be out there protesting Bohemian Grove rituals on the hit Netflix show House of Cards with Kevin Spacey.

In point of fact, they believe that the Alt-Right is some kind of conspiracy by… someone other than Jews… to make THEM look bad. They believe that anyone who comes to a public event and doesn’t believe that “race is a social construct” and the Founding Fathers believed humans are equal to niggers (while owning slaves) is part of this conspiracy.

That is the “deliberate hit piece” bit there. They are claiming that Richard Spencer’s is slandering them, deliberately.

Well, Look

Whoever those boomers yelling are, they were claiming to be Oath Keepers. And the Mexican attacker was with them. So, all did was report on the event, based on video footage of it happening.

So even if all those people there claiming to be Oath Keepers were part of some kind of non-Jewish conspiracy, the article is not a hit piece, because all it did was report what is on video happening.

They didn’t outright claim that those people in the video are not Oath Keepers – just the one Mexican. More than likely, some or all those people are Oath Keepers, and they brought the illegal wetback attacker with them to push the point that they are non-racist. Along with the Oath Keepers (or people falsely claiming to be Oath Keepers, if you believe this conspiracy theory), there was a group called “This is Texas!” which has the same value system as the Oath Keepers.

That value system is:

  1. Guns
  2. Fighting racism
  3. Heritage not hate
  4. ?????
  5. PROFIT!

But here’s the thing.

Stewart Rhodes, the founder and leader of the Oath Keepers, already threatened to attack Identity Europa and “Nazis” generally back in April.

He said, on camera:

We all respect free speech and assembly. We don’t give a fuck about Nazis. We don’t. We don’t want the Identity Europa guys there, we told them that last time. They didn’t respect our wishes. If they’d have come here today, we were gonna whoop their ass and throw them out in the fucking street. We’re willing to risk arrest to do that, but we don’t associate with them.

So… they respect freedom of speech and assembly, unless it’s “Nazis,” in which case they will beat them up, even if they have to go to jail for doing so.

After being on camera making these threats, it isn’t especially shocking that one of their members – or someone associated with them in whatever capacity – would do what was threatened.

Of course, maybe it’s all just a setup to make the Oath Keepers look bad by making it look like they did what they publicly announced they were going to do and used violence to silence speech.

This is the series of events:

  1. The head of the Oath Keepers announced in April that though they believe in free speech, it doesn’t apply to “Nazis,” and they will physically assault anyone they claim is a Nazi who they see at a rally.
  2. A guy from the Alt-Right attended a rally, had some Pepe signs, and was assaulted by someone with a group claiming to be Oath Keepers.
  3. The Oath Keepers announced that they didn’t do nothing, and there is a conspiracy against them.

That’s all we know, so I guess you can draw your own conclusions.

I doubt the Oath Keepers are going to be forthcoming with any further details on the matter.

This is the Issue of Free Speech

This Oath Keeper’s decision to assault “Nazis” is the same problem with any infringement on speech. I am an actual Nazi, and I don’t consider IE to be Nazis. I’ve actually criticized them for not talking enough about Jews (they’ve started doing that more recently, however). They are simply a white identity group. Pretty straightforward “right to exist” types. But, as Stewart Rhodes has declared that it is okay to use violence to silence “Nazis,” that term can now be applied to anyone he doesn’t like.

Just as the SPLC calls them a racist hate group, and writes regular articles about them.

This one is from yesterday.

When you start censoring speech, it’s a slippery slope.

That is why free speech is so important to defend, whenever it is under attack, and whoever is attacking it.

Why a group specifically claiming to exist to protect the Constitution has declared a violent war against anyone who uses politically incorrect speech, I don’t know. I don’t really care very much either. The fact is, the Oath Keepers with their threats and violence are no different than the SPLC with their bullying, harassment and lawsuits.

It’s all the same thing. You either have free speech or you don’t, and it doesn’t matter if it’s Jewish lawyers or boomer DR3 cucks trying to take it away from you, they have to be fought.

I stand for freedoms.

Anyone who is against freedoms is an enemy of America.

The Oath Keepers are a group of traitors for threatening the use of violence to shut down speech, whether they did it or it is really just a conspiracy to make it look like they did what they threatened to do.

If you see these people, don’t confront them, but be ready to defend yourselves. They are on a rampage now.

And I don’t think they would actually use those M-16s they carry around, but who the hell knows. These people are clearly unhinged.

These people think they’re cops, and they think they have a right to tell you what to do, and they most certainly do not.

So don’t ever let these pieces of shit intimidate you.

But be aware that there is a nonzero chance they could open fire on you.