Charlottesville: Antifa Goofjobs Humiliate Themselves Before Spencer Leads Glorious Torchlight Procession!

Lee Rogers and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 14, 2017

Anti-fascist terrorists did grave harm to their already damaged political brand with this embarrassing spectacle!

A pro-White rally expressing support for the existence of Confederate monuments was held in Charlottesville, Virginia Saturday. Nazi leader Richard Spencer addressed a sizable crowd of strong and able bodied White men. Nathan Damigo, Mike Enoch and other pro-White figures were on hand as well. It was an impressive showing for our side!

Unfortunately (for them), a small group of anti-fascist terrorists who are intimidated by strong and intelligent White males tried to disrupt the event. They were entirely unsuccessful.

The primary agitators included a deranged colored bitch giving everyone the middle finger (that means she’s a rebel), a fat feminist with horribly saggy breasts and a handlebars mustache and some random self-hating cuck faggot (who doesn’t even look Jewish).

Here are some KILLER clips.

The footage speaks for itself.

Top notch event. The weird thing with the Kike Knight (calling him the “Cuck Knight” is inappropriate now that he’s confirmed Jew – it really pokes my gruff when people call kikes “cucks”) in New Orleans is all but forgotten after the glory of this.

Our political enemies are becoming increasingly more insane and unhinged. This is only going to result in our numbers getting larger and larger. It’s already happening.

There is nothing trendy or cool about these anti-fascist groups. They are looking more and more pathetic by the day.

Despite the presence of these goons, Spencer was able to deliver his speech with only one very minor interruption.

The optics are increasingly on our side. We are winning and will continue to win until absolute and total victory is achieved!

The night ended with a beautiful torchlight procession.

When was the last time you saw a torchlight procession?

This is American history being made right here, people.