Anti-Defamation League Gives Testimony to Congress, Fails to Identify Cause of Anti-Semitism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2020

Anti-Defamation League head Jonathan Greenblatt

The Anti-Defamation League gave testimony before Congress on Wednesday and listed off all of the many complaints the Jews have about the behavior of normal Americans.

This was ostensibly a response to “specifically white supremacist violent extremism.”

The testimony, published as a PDF on the ADL’s website entitled “Confronting the Rise in Anti-Semitic Domestic Terrorism,” takes the typical Jewish position that anti-Semitism has no cause other than some kind of vague evil, and says that the only possible solution to the problem is monitoring, menacing, censoring and arresting people who dislike them.

However, at several points in the paper, some of the claims of those opposed to the Jews are stated directly, given as reasons why such individuals need to be silenced and otherwise injured:

  • Pittsburgh shooter: “The purported motivation for the attack in Pittsburgh was the alleged perpetrator’s belief, widely shared by white supremacists and set forth in some of his online posts on Gab, that Jews are behind efforts to impose mass immigration on the United States, with the goal of harming or destroying the white race.”
  • Poway shooter: “The letter includes a laundry list of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, among them the longstanding white supremacist assertion that Jews are orchestrating non-white immigration which ‘threatens’ the white race. ‘Every Jew is responsible for the meticulously planned genocide of the European race,’ the letter states, adding ‘for these crimes they deserve nothing but hell.’”
  • Stormer Book Club Flyers: “The Daily Stormer Book Clubs’ 2018 fliering campaigns blamed Jews for: Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s fraught confirmation process and the allegations of misconduct that he faced; the de-platforming of right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on social media and other platforms; and the debate in Congress over gun control laws in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.”
  • BDS Movement: “alleging that Jews/Zionists control the government.”

None of these claims are refuted or addressed; it is simply assumed that all of these things must be untrue, because if you even wonder if they might be true, you’re evil.

Of course, Jews themselves will admit to most of this. Following the Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue shooting, Bari Weiss, a New York Times columnist who happened to have attended that synagogue wrote an op-ed saying that the shooter was correct that Jews are flooding America with immigrants and that Jewish values include “the open door” and “welcoming the stranger.”

Furthermore, most of it is simply obvious.

The Stormer Book Club flyer cited in the ADL’s testimony before Congress simply identified the fact that virtually everyone claiming Brett Kavanaugh was a rapist was Jewish.

The testimony ended with a long list of demands these Jews are making on the government, including:

  • Passing domestic terrorism legislation (this is unconstitutional)
  • Spending more resources spying on people who post critically about Jews on the internet
  • Giving even more money to mandatory Holocaust education
  • Government regulations banning criticism of Jews from the internet
  • Government regulations to stop people criticizing Jews during online gaming
  • Listing white supremacists as foreign terrorist organizations (???)

Again, all of these solutions simply amount to intimidation, silencing, harassment and prosecution of people Jews do not like.

Because so-called “anti-Semitism” is the singular problem on earth that we are supposed to believe has no cause at all.

Consider how other problems are addressed:

Crime in the black community

“Poverty is the underlying cause of crime. We need to decrease poverty, as poverty is the underlying cause of black crime.” (Radically aggressive policing solutions, like those advocated to manage anti-Semites, are actively discouraged in favor of focusing on what is alleged to be the root cause of the problem.)

If this issue was treated like anti-Semitism is treated:

“Blacks commit crimes for no reason. We just have to kill them.”

Mass immigration from the third world

“Global inequality is the underlying cause of migration. We need to reduce poverty in the third world in order to disincentivize migration.”


“Western nations incentivizing mass immigration by providing migrants with vast government benefits is the underlying cause of migration. We need to stop giving everyone who comes to our country government benefits, and they will stop coming.”

If this issue was treated like anti-Semitism is treated:

“Migrants are coming to first world countries for no reason. We have to kill them all.”

Homelessness crisis

“Drug addiction and mental illness are the root causes of homelessness. To reduce homelessness, we must get drugs off of the streets and increase the availability of mental health resources.”

If this issue was treated like anti-Semitism is treated:

“Homeless people are homeless for no reason. Police should just shoot them on sight.”

And you can go on down the line with this.

As a general rule, solving a problem without addressing the cause is considered impossible.

Root cause analysis” is a fundamental component of all problem solving. Even when people make faulty or disingenuous arguments, they at least pretend to be addressing a root cause.

Anti-Semitism is the single problem on earth for which no root cause is ever even posited. What is more, those complaining about anti-Semitism don’t even acknowledge that they are not identifying a cause. It is blatant causality denialism.

Of course, this is the main factor in creating anti-Semitism: people observe the behavior of Jews, and then are told that they are not allowed to talk about this behavior, or they are evil. They are not told why they are evil, they are simply called Nazis and it is insinuated that they are planning a mass murder and/or a genocide if they notice the extreme overrepresentation of Jews in finance, the government, the media or the entertainment industry, and note that these overrepresented Jews appear to be pushing a very specific agenda.

If we were allowed to discuss the issues openly, and speak honestly about our observations, no one would be committing violent acts against Jews.

This creates a cycle, where Jews use these acts of violence to justify harassing and silencing anyone who questions them, which then creates the feelings of impotence that lead to acts of violence.

However, this is not sustainable in the long term. You cannot simply censor and/or arrest every single person who takes issue with Jewish behavior while claiming that the issue of Jewish behavior itself can never be openly discussed. This idea, actually, is insane.

But apparently, Jews have analyzed the situation and decided that this is their only possible course of action.

The ADL will be successful in some of these endeavors. Censorship, harassment, spying, arrests and prosecutions – everything will go up in the years to come as Jews push for a total stranglehold on society. But eventually, it is all simply going to be too obvious, and their attempts to destroy anyone who questions them will be held among their greatest crimes against the peoples they occupy and rule over.