Anthony Fauci to Officially Replace Jesus as Key Christmas Figure

Although she is in many ways a typical black woman, the Mayor of D.C. does more than just twerk, do drugs, have sex and threaten people.

Sometimes, Muriel Bowser makes extreme declarations. This week, she declared that Christmas will no longer focus on Jesus Christ – instead, it will be about Anthony Fauci, who many believe is our true savior.

Jesus might have died for our sins, but he’s offered very little help to families struggling to deal with the coronavirus. Fauci, on the other hand, has devoted his life to pressing extreme rules on the people, which might make it so they don’t get this deadly virus.

Fauci has supported locking everything down, from the beginning, as a way to prevent transmission of this deadly disease. He has even supported hoaxes, like the Kawasaki disease hoax, as a way to encourage the closing of schools.

While he originally came out and said that masks are bad, that was actually a trick. He said that masks were bad so that people wouldn’t buy all the masks. Really, he knows that masks are good, and that’s why he’s forcing everyone to wear them.

If you’re feeling nostalgic this Christmas season, you can pray to Jesus. However, if you really want to get totally locked down, in order to protect yourself from the deadly coronavirus, then pray to Anthony Fauci, because he’s the one who is going to force you into an endless lockdown for your own safety.

Fauci will also be there to bully you into taking a vaccine, against your will.