Anthony Fauci Begs Young People to Stop Spreading the Deadly Doom Virus That is Killing Everyone

Anthony Fauci does not have a political agenda, no matter how obvious it may be that he has a political agenda. All he cares about is slowing the trillions of deaths from this doom virus.

The coronavirus is in the process of killing everyone. Millions of people are dying from it every day. Since March, over 1 trillion Americans have died from the virus. The bodies are piling up in the streets. Just yesterday, I had to take a detour in traffic because there were hundreds of thousands of bodies piled up in the street. They were stacking them twenty feet high and burning them with wood, because there was simply no chance they were going to be able to bury that many bodies.

But the stupid, evil, white young people still won’t take it seriously. They’re acting like this is all a big game.

Evil young students pictured last week at Shermer High School in Illinois refusing to social distance. All of these kids are dead now from coronavirus.

Anthony Fauci, the big virus daddy who just wants to protect his little children from certain death, is asking the obvious question: how many trillions have to die before young people finally take this seriously?

Psychological experts have said that when a gazillion trillion die, young people might start taking it seriously. However, others say that fifty bajillion squillion might have to die before young people start believing in the factual truth that everyone is going to die from this mild flu virus.

NBC News:

White House coronavirus advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci urged young Americans to not take the coronavirus lightly, saying doing so could propagate the pandemic.

“You have to have responsibility for yourself but also a societal responsibility that you’re getting infected is not just you in a vacuum. You’re propagating the pandemic,” Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in an interview Thursday evening.

The comment by Fauci came as state health officials say more young people are ignoring social distancing measures and contracting the virus at a higher rate. Fauci said the average age of a new Covid-19 patient has dropped by 15 years since the beginning of the pandemic in the U.S.

That is NOT because young people weren’t getting tested before, because they got the virus and didn’t get sick and so had no reason to get tested, but are now being tested randomly as part of massive random testing programs.

However, even if it is obviously totally, 100% because of that, it doesn’t mean that Anthony Fauci is lying, and actually, he might inhabit some other reality, or might just be stupid. One thing is certain: Anthony Fauci is not lying on purpose.

The point is, Fauci is a saint, and even if he is obviously lying on purpose in order to spread mass hysteria in order to push a political agenda, we have to believe him anyway.

Vice President Mike Pence warned last month that roughly half of the new cases in the U.S. were people under the age of 35, particularly in Florida and Texas.

Fauci said young people at bars enjoying themselves is “totally understandable.” But he warned that young people who are asymptomatic, who never develop symptoms, can also pass the virus on to others.

“I get that,” he said Thursday. “I was there at one point in my life. Or see people in crowds and you say well, they think they’re not doing anything that’s particularly harmful, but they might be.

Fauci had warned last month that doctors and infectious disease specialists were seeing “more and more” complications with Covid-19 in young people.

Early in the outbreak in the U.S., researchers said the virus appeared to be sparing young people while being particularly severe for the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

That’s not the case, Fauci said during a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on June 23. “To think young people have no deleterious consequences is not true. We’re seeing more and more complications in young people.”

Fauci said he’s never seen a single virus have such a wide range of symptoms.

Some people have no symptoms while “some get mild symptoms and some get symptoms enough to put them at home for a few days. Some are in bed for weeks and have symptoms even after they recover, others go to the hospital, some require oxygen, some require intensive care, some get intubated and some die,” he said.

Fauci was appointed director of NIAID in 1984 and has worked under six U.S. presidents.

In all his years, he’s done nothing but tell the ultimate truth.

He has a perfect track record.

For instance, in the 90s he accurately stated that getting HIV-AIDS has nothing at all to do with being gay, and that heterosexuals could get the HIV virus just as easily as homosexuals.

People thought at the time that he was lying on purpose to push a political agenda.

It turns out they were wrong and he was right.

Since then 70 quadrillion bajillion heterosexuals have contracted AIDS and died. In fact, heterosexuals are just as likely to get the disease as homosexuals. Just like Fauci said.

And even if that isn’t true, it doesn’t matter, because it is morally wrong to say that only homosexuals get AIDS.

We have to trust in Anthony Fauci like we would Jesus Christ, the Buddha, Joseph Smith or any other religious figure, because although he might be a liar, and he might be pushing an agenda to destroy America, he is still a saint.

We just have to trust him.