Another Woman Over the Age of 100 Survives Coronavirus

The oldest people on earth appear to have no problem beating coronavirus. Who are these 200,000 people who died? Is it a total hoax?

The media keeps telling everyone that the coronavirus is super-duper deadly. This stupid lie is bolstered by the lying CDC hoaxers, who falsely claim that 200,000 people have died from the virus.

Despite the fact that virtually everyone who is actually recorded as having died with the virus has had other serious diseases, the media continues to imply that young people are going to get it and die. Anthony Fauci, in a now memory-holed interview with Congress, literally promoted the “Kawasaki Disease” hoax that was going around the media, saying the virus would kill children.

Meanwhile, several people over the age of 100 have survived the virus.

The funniest thing was when the actual oldest woman in the world survived. But all of these “I can’t believe they survived – it’s a miracle!” stories are funny. They don’t get much play in the media, for obvious reasons.


Most people would consider themselves fortunate to survive after contracting the deadly virus from one pandemic. Mildred Geraldine “Gerri” Schappals has survived two of them, more than a century apart.

The 102-year-old Schappals was infected with the Spanish flu in 1918 in Worcester and she tested positive last May for COVID-19 at her assisted living facility in Nashua, New Hampshire, but she overcame both illnesses and is feeling fine.

She has an interesting way of looking at her longevity. She told her daughter Julia Schappals on Friday that she believes she was destined to do something great and she’s still trying to find out what it is and do it.

“She’s often said that she thinks Mother Nature believes that she died in 1918 and has forgotten about her,” said Julia from her home in Bedford, N.H.

Gerri Schappals is hard of hearing so telephone conversations are difficult and visitors to her facility are limited so her daughter asked her a few questions and she relayed the answers for this article.

Mayor Joseph M. Petty was so touched by her story, he planned to drive to Nashua on Saturday morning to deliver a key to the city of Worcester to her at a garden outside her facility.

“This is the city where she lived, grew up,” Petty said. “So it’s a nice thing to do.”

Petty has awarded several keys to the city, but as far as he knows this is the first time a Worcester mayor left the state to deliver one.

“She has a good wit and she seems tough,” Petty said. “That’s why she’s a survivor and lived a long life.”

It’s just an anecdote, I know.

But surely, people have to see stories like this, and think, “well then who the hell are those 200,000 people who died?”

Of course, the Democrats will never think that. They are true believers. But we don’t really need the Democrats to think that. We just need the Republicans who have been drawn in by the hoax to get it together, and figure out how dumb this is. Then they can see that it is all part of a plot. Then, Donald Trump can act to remove this crap from the society.