Another Rough Week for the Negro Felon League

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 24, 2017

These football monkeys will not stop the protests until they are forced to stop.

The management of the Negro Felon League just doesn’t get it. White Americans, especially those in the middle class, are tuning out of these monkey ball circuses in large numbers. Through their inaction on the national anthem protests, the league has managed to insult what was once its core audience.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is still refusing to enforce a rule that would require all players to stand as the anthem is played. He’s simply said that the league would prefer that all players stand during the anthem.

This past weekend, dozens of football monkeys once again refused to stand for the anthem. The President noted this and correctly called out the league’s horrible leadership on the issue.

What’s really telling is the stadium attendance for these games. The pictures don’t lie.

A large part of this is unquestionably the league’s stance on these protests. There’s also other cultural dynamics at play like the fact that most of the players no longer have anything in common with the fans watching. Like many other things in our society, the game itself has also become feminized and soft. It’s a far less exciting product to watch from just a pure sports standpoint.

The NFL is in serious trouble. Even if they reverse course and force players to stand during the anthem, there’s large numbers of people who will never go back to watching the product. Their brand has been permanently damaged and it will never be the same again.