Another High-Rise in Dubai Burns Up

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 4, 2017

I’m pretty sure my memory is correct when i say that before brown people started living in high-rises, they didn’t generally burn up all the time.

Now this is just an everyday thing.

Not that I care when it happens in Dubai – but they come to our countries and burn-up our high-rises too.


A massive blaze which engulfed one of the tallest residential buildings in the United Arab Emirates has been brought under control. Dubai’s firefighters battled the huge fire for hours before snuffing out the flames at the 79-storey Dubai Torch Tower.

Firefighting brigades from four stations have been sent to battle the flames at the Torch Tower, the fifth tallest residential building in the world.

Videos posted online show the flames spreading upwards while pieces of burning debris are falling onto the streets of Dubai’s marina.

There is no word on casualties, but Dubai’s government media office announced that residents have been successfully evacuated from the building.

“No injuries have been reported so far in the Torch Tower fire incident,” Dubai’s media office said in a tweet.

The fire is believed to have started on the ninth floor before ascending towards the top stories.

“It’s big fire started on 9th floor. Civil defence and police in the scene now to control the fire,” a Dubai police spokesperson told Gulf News.

It’s the second time in two years the Torch Tower has been engulfed in flames.

Yeah, well – I don’t know what they expected when they named it the “Torch Tower.”