Another French Church Burns on Easter Sunday, Also Named “Notre Dame,” Police Say Arson

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 24, 2019

Notre-Dame de Grâce

Another French church named Notre Dame has caught on fire.

Although unlike Notre Dame de Paris, the authorities are openly admitting that Notre Dame de Grace was a target of arson on Easter Sunday.


Police have confirmed that a fire in the French church of Notre-Dame de Grâce on Easter Sunday appears to have been intentionally set, making it the latest in a string of desecrations of Christian churches in the country.

The fire was started in a large, wooden confessional around 4:30pm and proceeded to consume a dais in the presbytery of the eighteenth-century church located in the southern French town of Eyguières, near Provence.

“Flames several meters high were coming out of the church,” said the mayor of Eyguières, Henri Pons, before a team of 30 firefighters with six vehicles arrived and managed to contain the blaze.

An area of some 20 square meters in the church was destroyed but observers have noted that the damage would have been far worse had it not been it not for the bold intervention of a local inhabitant.

A man who lives in front of the church saw the flames emerging from a stained-glass window, the mayor said. He “used fire extinguishers from the village movie theater and courageously entered the church while waiting for firefighters to arrive.”

If this brave citizen, a former top sportsman, had not intervened, the church would probably have burned to the ground,” the mayor reported. “It was Easter Sunday and there was almost nobody in the village.”

The local hero, a judo champion by the name of Joel Jouve, said afterward that the air in the church was “unbreathable” and there was very little light when he entered, but he was able to find two holy water fonts, which he emptied onto the fire.

I shouted for someone to find me fire extinguishers and I used them on the fire,” he said, adding he was just happy to have “saved something.”

An investigation has been opened to determine the causes of the fire, enlisting the assistance of experts from the Gendarmerie Scientifique. Investigators are treating the blaze as arson.

A dozen Catholic churches were desecrated across France over the period of just one week this past March and the recent spate of church profanations has puzzled both police and ecclesiastical leaders.

So like so many other churches in France, Notre Dame de Grace was set on fire on purpose, it took a couple days to make that determination. But the Notre Dame de Paris burned by total accident, and they knew that for sure while the inferno was still raging, and anyone who questions it is a far right conspiracy theorist according to the Washington Post and the entire Jewish media.

Will the bulbous kike Talia Lavin write an article about how the far right is telling the truth about this latest church burning, and how it does in fact represent a conflict between Islam and the West, because that is what the facts show? 

Notre Dame de Grace is a smaller church with less historical significance than Notre Dame de Paris, but otherwise, what is the difference here?

We know that Notre Dame de Grace was burned on purpose, we know that there were Moslems filmed outside the Notre Dame de Paris fire laughing.

Even if it is true that we are all a bunch of lying right wing Nazis for saying that de Paris was burned on purpose, everyone agrees that de Grace was burned on purpose, so Talia should write a followup article, shouldn’t she?

Contact her morbidly obese ass and demand it.

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