Another Foreigner Arrested for Defrauding Coronavirus Relief Fund ($700,000)

Can you imagine a reality in which you see this headline:

And then open up the article, and it turns out it is a white guy?

Neither can I.

NBC News:

A Washington state chiropractor admitted Thursday to fraudulently claiming more than $700,000 in Covid-19 relief funds meant for struggling small businesses, federal prosecutors said.

Austin Hsu, 46, of Issaquah, pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud and will be sentenced in April, according to a statement from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Authorities said he submitted nine fraudulent disaster loan applications covered by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act seeking more than $1 million.

Hsu had already received Economic Injury Disaster Loan and Paycheck Protection Program loans for his company, a holistic wellness center outside Seattle called Back 2 Health.

He then used the names of current and former employees to apply for loans for four more companies, which he also admitted to creating fake tax filings to support his scheme, according to the Justice Department’s statement.

In another effort to obtain funds, prosecutors said Hsu incorporated a company in 2020. He initially told the Small Business Administration that the company had existed since 2017 and had nine employees and a gross income of $1.5 million, according to the Justice Department. However, Hsu later acknowledged to authorities the company had no business operations, officials said.

This is apparently a Chinaman, with the name “Hsu.”

Virtually all of the money from these relief packages was stolen by foreigners, most of it by Asians.

They wouldn’t give me any of it, I can tell you that, despite the destruction that these lockdowns have wreaked on my business.

The government of course is aware that most of this money was stolen by foreigners. They prefer it that way. They just arrested this one guy because he was too obvious with it, and probably because he was Chinese, as they are the most hated group next to white men.


  1. They forced all of the small businesses to close, forcing most of them to go broke. Multinational corporations were allowed to continue to operate normally, with the shutdown laws only applying to small businesses.
  2. They issued “relief packages” and then allowed banks and foreign scam artists to steal all the money. They purposefully designed the programs so they were easy to rob.
  3. The money that they are spending on “relief” is all new money, which is going to cause inflation, which will primarily damage the white middle class. The rich benefit from this, as it shrinks the cost of paying back loans.

It is truly incredible that they are able to do this, right in front of everyone. It is a massive wealth transfer from the middle class to the elite, and to foreigners. The global warming scam is the same thing. And at the same time, these programs take away all of your personal freedoms.

It’s all really obvious.

The way that they are able to do it is by keeping society in a constant state of chaos, where people’s personal lives are such disasters, that they can’t possibly consider what is happening in the government.