Another Fake Police Killing (Psycho Filipino had His Neck Knelt on and Died Three Days Later)


An evil cop killed a Mexican because he was going psycho.

The Guardian:

A US navy veteran who was experiencing a mental health crisis died after a police officer called out to help him knelt on his neck for several minutes, asphyxiating him, lawyers for his family have said.

Angelo Quinto, 30, was suffering a bout of paranoia, anxiety and depression in his family home in Antioch, northern California, when his sister Isabella Collins called police on 23 December.

According to an account given by the family at a recorded press conference, the responding officer grabbed Quinto from the arms of his mother who was trying to calm him, then knelt on his neck for almost five minutes while his legs were being held by another officer.

In a cellphone video recorded by his mother, Cassandra Quinto-Collins, her son is seen lying limp on the floor with blood on his face and on the floor beneath him. She is heard saying: “What happened? Does he have a pulse?”, as officers begin pumping his chest in an attempt to resuscitate him.

Quinto was taken unconscious to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead three days later.

Do you have any idea what it’s like to go psycho?

This is what it was like in that Mexican’s head:

No but seriously though – what kind of faggot bullshit is this?

He was going psycho, he got restrained – then died three days later.

His family literally released a video saying the cop killed him. The video is an hour and six minutes long.

This was an event in front of a garage with a bunch of people in masks and a sign that read:

“Please Don’t Kill Me”

“Please Don’t Kill Me”

-Angelo Quinto

Look at it:

I know everything is kooky these days, but for some reason this really hit me – like, what the hell even is this? These people in front of this garage in masks whining?

Look at this bitch:

(Yes, this is a religion.)

If you call 911 and someone is freaking out, the cops have to have the ability to restrain them. This is the same in every country.

No one ever even said anyone was racist against Filipinos.

Is this an attempt to start some kind of Asian Lives Matter revolution?

Or will people just think he’s Mexican?

Are we really going to ban the cops?

That’s going to happen while the blacks they’re releasing from prison because “incarceration is racist” are killing their white neighbors, cutting out their hearts and cooking and eating them?