Another Example of Hair Discrimination

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 24, 2020

You people need to realize that black people do not have hair like normal people. Their hair is more like a type of fur or wool than it is like regular human hair.

This means that their options are highly limited for the types of styles they can wear.

You all need to stop hating the texture of the hair.


DeAndre Arnold has been growing his dreadlocks for years.

But for the past few days, Arnold — a senior at Barbers Hill High School in Mont Belvieu, Texas, east of Houston — hasn’t been in school. He might not get to attend his senior prom. And with graduation coming up in a few months, Arnold might not even get to walk across the stage with his friends.

It has everything to do with his hair.

School district allows dreadlocks, just not long ones

Barbers Hill Independent School District, which Arnold’s high school is a part of, has a dress code. It dictates the usual things, such as the length of skirts and shorts, but with hair, it goes a step further.

Though the district allows dreadlocks, male students’ hair cannot extend below the eyebrows or ear lobes, and must be kept shorter than the top of a T-shirt collar.

Arnold’s dreadlocks hit below his shoulders, though he puts them up in an effort to comply with the dress code, his mother Sandy Arnold told CNN. Throughout high school, it hasn’t been a problem.

But just before the start of winter break in December, the district had some news for the Arnold family: Cut the locks or face the consequences.

Arnold, 18, hasn’t been prohibited from attending school, the district said in a statement to CNN.

He has, however, been told he can’t walk at graduation if he continues to not follow the code. He’ll still be allowed to graduate, just barred from spending the moment with his family and friends.

In the meantime, Arnold has been hit with in-school suspension, his mother told CNN. He’s served one day of it so far, because she said he hasn’t been attending school. If her son wants to continue at the school, in-school suspension is his only option, she said.

Cutting his hair, though, is not an option.

Arnold’s father is from Trinidad, and growing dreadlocks is a common part of the culture. But Sandy Arnold said that shouldn’t matter.

“He should get to choose who he identifies himself as, and he shouldn’t be discriminated against,” she said. “You don’t tell girls they can’t have short hair. It’s so much bigger than DeAndre.”

Obviously, the school is going to retract and apologize now that the Jewish media has gotten word of the hatred that is going down at this school.

You kind of have to wonder what the hell the boomers that run the school were thinking. Did they truly believe that the Jews, protectors of the oppressed and dignifiers of the dignityless, would not find them and zoom in on their virulent hatred?

Why would they be so bold?

This is national news.

It’s time for the goyim to learn that there is nowhere to hide from the Jew avengers of the abused minorities.