Another Disgusting Holocaust Monument Goes Up in Jersey

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 17, 2018

It has been proven conclusively that the Holocaust was a hoax, a bit of old atrocity propaganda from WWII that never went away.

However, this fact has not stopped the disgusting Jews from continuing to build sickening looking monuments to this fake historical event all over the world.

North Jersey:

The stainless steel sculpture “Sails,” a tribute to the Jews killed during World War II, by River Vale artist Ephraim Peleg was unveiled Wednesday in a ceremony in Veterans Field on the banks of the Hudson River.

Peleg fled the Holocaust as a child. The sculpture features six sail-like forms stacked into a triangle. Many of the 81-year-old artist’s works feature representations of the number six, to symbolize the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust.

“This sculpture, it’s like six sails in the waves in the river,” he said. “It is for the loss of the 6 million. The shape is to build a powerful feeling of going up.”

“Sails” is the sixth public sculpture in the borough. It was donated to the arts council by the developers Anthony Rinaldi and the late Chuck Berk.

The effort to bring the sculpture to Edgewater has been years in the making. Neda Rose, a former councilwoman and arts council founder who died in 2016, reviewed Peleg’s work and selected “Sails” nine years ago to install in Veterans Field.

“It was her dream to have publicly accessible art,” said Lynne Grasz, the president of the Edgewater Arts Council. “This sculpture epitomizes the flight of the children who survived the Holocaust — the sailing away from those experiences they had as children.”

Well, it looks like shit to me.

I just can’t even begin to imagine anyone going and looking at that and being like “oh yes, I see it, the suffering of the innocent little rat children chased by the evil Aryan Master Racemen.”

Btw have you guys seen this hoax monument in Miami?

It’s like some shitty HR Geiger ripoff.

Honestly, the entire Jewish race deserves to be shoved in fake shower rooms and gassed just for making that thing.

This is one of the differences between Jews and whites – when we make statues, they don’t look like complete shit, and they are actually something you would want to go and look at.

The Asians also prize beauty in their statuary.

Even the Aztecs put some effort in.

It indeed seems that the only people who build statues with the specific intent of being ugly are the Jews.

It is a bizarre concept, but reflects on the Jewish soul: they have an actual desire to make things ugly. And they apparently have the same emotional response to ugliness that we have to beauty.

And that principle goes far beyond statue building.