Another Day in Multicult Paradise: 500 Girls in Birmingham Subject to Moslem Rape and Trafficking

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 19, 2015

If we're going to give them everything they ask for, how can we deny them their right to rape our kids???
If we’re going to give them everything they ask for, how can we deny them their right to rape our kids??? Telling these colorfuls not to rape kids is pure hate.

Well, more kids drugged, gang-raped and trafficked in an act of brutal and vibrant savagery by diverse Moslems. Just another day, another 500 girls lives destroyed by enrichment.

Don’t expect protests. The British people are much too sophisticated and advanced to dare risk hurting the feelings of Moslems by asking them to stop raping their kids.

As you look at this story, please remember not to blame Moslems for these rapes. As the famous YouTube social theorist has explained to us racist morons, if these girls wouldn’t have been raped by Moslems, they would have been raped by White men instead. It is something called the “Nirvana Fallacy” to believe that the universe does not have a required number of child-rape victims – a type of metaphysical quota – and that we could prevent child-gang-rape and trafficking simply by banning Moslems from Britain.

This has nothing to do with Islam, race or immigration.


Almost 500 children in Birmingham and the West Midlands have been identified as victims of sexual exploitation in just six months, a bombshell new report has revealed.

The chilling figure is more than DOUBLE the previous estimate for the same period, indicating the scale of the problem was previously vastly underestimated.

And for the first time police and council officials have publicly admitted a ‘disproportionate number’ of Asian Pakistani men are involved in on-street grooming, as revealed by the Mail last year.

The assessment report also reveals there are currently 70 live Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) investigations being conducted by West Midlands Police, with 97 people on bail.

The 488 figure was for the period January to June 2014 but has rocketed from an original estimate of 210 for the same period after a full review by police and council officials. But authorities admit the number is likely to be a “significant underestimate’’ of the true scale of the problem.

By comparison around 1,400 children were found to have been failed by the authorities after being sexually exploited in Rotherham over a16-year period, eventually leading to the mass resignations of council and police figures.

Former Home Office CSE expert Stephen Rimmer, now seconded to Birmingham City Council, has published the new report with contributions from West Midlands Police and the seven councils in the region. It revealed how:

*488 children were identified by police and local authorities as being sexually exploited or at risk from sex exploitation from online and on-street grooming gangs in the first six months of 2014;

*87 per cent of victims were female and 54 per cent were white;

*Around a third of children identified were in local authority care;

*Children going missing from home or care homes was a frequent factor in the cases.

The report also said: “Suspects are from a wide range of backgrounds, but there are disproportionate numbers from an Asian Pakistani background suspected of abuse and exploitation on the streets; and primarily white male suspects in relation to online offending.”

It later adds: “Our profile of offenders is evolving as our understanding of the threat grows. The most common background for online predators remains white young and middle-aged males. Offenders investigated for predominately on-street activity are disproportionately but by no means exclusively males of Asian-Pakistani origin.

“The common factor across all perpetrators is their manipulative and abusive attitudes and behaviours.

“We need to work with schools, faith groups, communities, parents and young people themse4lves to address any factors which might generate unacceptable attitudes within any ethnic group.

“We will continue working closely with those neighbourhood bodies which recognise the risks of such cultural attitudes within some men and boys in their own communities and challenge such attitudes.”

The report said the CSE offending typically takes place with multiple victims and offenders being involved at each incident, with victims frequently trafficked to other areas including London, Greater Manchester, the West Country, Suffolk and North Wales. It adds: “The most common vulnerable and frequented CSE locations within the West Midlands are residential dwellings, hotels and parks – those living in children’s home are frequently targeted too.”

In terms of the 488 figure, the report says: “We believe the number of victims over the first six months of last year is still a significant underestimate of the true scale of the problem in our region.

“Many victims worry they will not be believed or are threatened by offenders and don’t feel able to seek help. Many victims of grooming do not see themselves as victims of abuse as they have been so significantly manipulated by the perpetrators.”

The report admits cases of CSE have been growing since last summer, but claims the increase is a ‘positive step’ as more victims are coming forward after public awareness campaigns and initiatives by police and councils. “However, we know we have more to do and will be publishing a further update later in the year,’’ it says.

Potential mistakes in tackling CSE have been previously highlighted by the Mail, including an investigation showing how Birmingham City Council had ‘buried’ a report by a respected academic 23 years ago.

Researcher Dr Jill Jesson was asked by the authority to look at the issue of child prostitution involving girls in care back in 1990. The following year, after six months research, she produced a critical two-part report which showed child protection failings by social workers and other agencies.

Mind you, the numbers they report are the lowest possible.  One labour politician has estimated that a million little White girls may have been trafficked by this stinking apes.

Again, it has to be said that this is a warfare program.  Rape has always been an aspect of conquest.  These people are at war with us.  Saying “well, we’re not at war with them then are we then mates?” does nothing to change the fact that a war is happening.

Raping our kids in front of us is a demonstration of their power over us.  It is an act of forcing us into submission.  And the police go along with it, because they have been unconsciously indoctrinated with the belief that yes, indeed, the Moslems are the ruling body in Western countries.  The Alpha Males to whom we must all submit.  Our little girls are simply a token given to the victorious conquering army.

Do you really want this, White Man?

Is it really what you would have chosen, if you’d been given the choice?

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