Another Day, Another White Supremacist Attack on a Helpless Old Asian

Shocking new video has been released by the NYPD Hate Crimes Unit showing a shocking white supremacist attack on an elderly Asian man.

White Supremacists, shockingly, have been on a shocking rampage against the Asians for months on end.

As usual, the white supremacist attacker was black-skinned.

These white domestic terrorists have enlisted black bodies in their agenda against the Asians. But what you need to understand is that blacks don’t have the ability to do attacks on their own – they can only attack when they are filled with the spirit of white supremacy.

White supremacy has been capable of inhabiting black bodies for generations, going back to the original Uncle Tom. Uncle Ben himself was an Uncle Tom.

Where do you think Uncle Ben got that rice?

He stole it from a Chinaman whose head he’d just smashed in, and was reselling it, while splitting the profits with the Ku Klux Klan.

White supremacy is the root cause of all violence in America, and that’s why we have to tackle it head on by censoring dangerous vaccination denialism.

So if you’ve seen that ni – that white supremacist in that video attacking that Asian man, give a call to the NYPD Hate Crimes Unit, and get that bluegummed racist neo-Nazi vaccine denier locked up!

Just last week, reports from the public caught yet another neo-Nazi attacker.

If you’re worried about laws in New York that make it illegal to call the cops on black people conflicting with calls from the NYPD to call them and identify these white supremacist attackers then… uh…

Well actually, if you even thought about that just now, you’re obviously a racist yourself.