Anonymous “Million Mask March” Advocates Total Free Speech for People Who Agree with Them

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 5, 2015

Anonymous is staging a global march against… something, perhaps.

I have no idea if all those involved in this support harassing and threatening the families of poor people who live in trailer parks and accusing them of running a global conspiracy against Blacks.

However, what I am not seeing is others using the “Anonymous” label come out and condemn those who are focused on shutting down free speech and harassing poor Whites.


Tens of thousands of activists disguised as Guy Fawkes are expected to the flood streets of over 671 cities as the Anonymous-led Million Mask March sweeps the globe. The hacktivist group and its followers will protest censorship, corruption, war and poverty.

The top ddosing organization known for attempting to shut down the speech of anyone who disagrees with Obama’s position on race will protest censorship?

Because it is only “censorship” if a government does it, otherwise it is good to try and silence freedom of speech? Is that the logic?

All I have ever wanted is my freedom, and Anonymous has been at least as aggressive as the US government in trying to shut it down. Now, of course, I have a serious IT team.

But I didn’t always, and this ddosing was a major hassle. And the entire premise was that they didn’t believe I had a right to free speech.

If you really want to protest “censorship, corruption, war and poverty,” why not reduce it to protesting “Jews”?

For the fourth year in a row the “Anonymous army,” as the group likes to call its activists, will rise up and take part in rallies and protests from Sydney to Los Angeles and Johannesburg to London.

Hiding their faces behind stylized ‘Anonymous’ masks popularized by the “V for Vendetta” movie, they will come forward to make their voices heard.

The Million Mask March is also about letting “various governments” know that “the free flow of information” will never be stopped.



“We now face a dilemma unfamiliar to any previous human civilization, we face this dilemma not simply as a community, nor a nation; rather collectively as a planet. We have something no previous generation has ever had, the internet,” Anonymous said in its 2015 promo video for the Million Mask March.

Social media has been their major megaphone calling on people to unite in a global move. Anonymous started trends on Twitter such as #MMM, #MMM2015, #MillionMaskMarch, and #Nov5th that are now full of slogans and pictures.

Just like last year, London expects one of the most massive marches on its streets. According to the demonstration’s page on Facebook, 18,000 people are going to join the Anonymous-inspired march.

“The government and the 1% have played their hand, now it is time to play ours,” a Facebook statement reads.

This year’s dress code for the London’s Million Mask March calls for “white judicial wigs, black robes & Anonymous masks for Order of Public Court.”

Meanwhile in Washington, the Million Mask March is expected to be attended by 25,000 people, according to Facebook’s number of “going” at the time of publication.

Activists plan to meet by the Washington monument not far from the Capitol building and march towards the White House. They are going to be protesting a wide range of issues, including “Police brutality,” the “2nd amendment,” and “MAJOR corruption in every government,” to name a few, while rallying for “FREEDOM!”

I don’t support “police brutality,” but this has become code for “let Blacks kill cops.”

Otherwise, nothing that these people are saying I would explicitly disagree with. I am against censorship, restricting the Second Amendment, corruption in government and war. Probably everyone is against that.

But what do any of these things have to do with the KKK, which, at least going by media coverage, is the present main target of this group? Why do they need to endanger the families of people whose political views they disagree with? Does this not violate their own principles?

Some “Anonymous” figure on Twitter told me “we’re not trying to endanger them or their families, we’re just trying to expose them” and I said “what possible reason could you have for ‘exposing’ them other than to try to incite violence against them?”

That is, obviously, the only possible reason. Maybe also to get them harassed by the government, I guess. But nothing good. If you believe in freedom, you believe in people’s right to hold their own belief system.

As a right-wing extremist, I would never try and shut down the free speech of my enemies. Nor would I try and have their families murdered. This is not political activism, it is mere terrorism.

They published this video of a couple scared for their kids on one of their own YouTube channels, gloating that they had terrorized these poor people.

They are proud this man and woman feared for the lives of their children.

Does this seem like freedom?

The March

The only major protests appear to have been in third world countries.

First world, not so much.

It appears that the Anonymous movement may be suffering the same fate as 1980s rock music.