“Anonymous” Twitter Account with Six Million Followers Endorses CIA War in Syria

I was around in the first days of Anonymous. The group is still being framed as a “hacker collective,” though it isn’t really that and it hardly ever was. It started as a group of trolls, who were called hackers after they phished some email passwords. Calling the current incarnation of the group “hacktivists” is idiotic.

It was originally just a 4chan joke on the board /b/. It was primarily focused on spamming racist memes and other trolling.

People who wanted to “do the internet in real life” were always pretty cringe.

They shouted Harry Potter spoilers through a megaphone while people were standing in line to buy the books.

Then, they started getting “political.” They did “Project Chanology,” which was a protest against Scientology.

The Scientology thing was the first time they brought out the V for Vendetta masks, I think.

From that point, it continued to get gayer, even as their hub at Encyclopedia Dramatica was still pretty funny (it isn’t anymore, the whole thing has been rewritten and you cannot laugh at any of it).

Members supporting Ron Paul’s presidency also wore the V masks.

The whole thing just spiraled into faggotry and gay old memes, but the brand had kind of an air of hipness around it still in the minds of normies for whatever reason, so it was just taken over by total scum-faggots.

They started supporting Black Lives Matter.

Ironically, people calling themselves “Anonymous” were the first people to attempt to shut down this website. They used to rent botnets and DDoS me. This is ironic because it was initially a free speech organization. It showed that the people using this name were now the exact opposite of the people who were originally using the name.

Ultra-ironically, the DDoSing was stopped when weev volunteered to help me with my security. That’s ironic because he was one of the original public figures associated with 4chan.

In current year, there are still people using this brand, still using that faggot V mask.

They are supporting the State Department and CIA agenda for endless war in Syria.

That account, @YourAnonCentral, has 6.1 million followers.

I can’t even begin to imagine who these followers are. If I had to imagine, I would suppose it is normies, who think it is somehow “cool,” in the same way normies think that a man ramming his penis into another man’s anus is “cool.”

The account’s bio says it “supports the weak against the powerful.” That is to say, it supports the weak CIA against the powerful government of Bashir Assad, just as it supported the weak global media establishment and weak President Obama against the powerful George Zimmerman.

If you scroll down their page, you also see they’re standing with the weak NATO and weak US State Department against the powerful government of Belarus.

They support the weak FBI against the powerful right-wing Charlottesville protesters.

They support the weak NATO and weak State Department against the powerful Russian government.

Six million people are following a group which claims to be a dissident group and yet goes all the way down the line checking every single position of the global financial elite.

You see something like this and it really hits you just how easily manipulated the masses are. It’s infuriating to think of even one person claiming to be a fashionable rebel while supporting the CIA war against Syria.

Again, we really understand the word “goyim.” Those of us with thinking brains kind of tend to be relatively isolated from people who don’t think. We have co-workers who repeat media talking points, but instead of assuming they are the norm, we tend to assume that the norm is actually our own status as thinking individuals, with the people we interact with being feeble, sad, pathetic exceptions to the norm.

In fact, the masses of people truly are sheep. This is a biological reality. They are incapable of thinking for themselves. Most of them have good instincts, but they are so completely confused and not in any way capable of any form of critical analysis. People like the idea of supporting the weak against the powerful, and in truth, this is something that should happen. People should have freedom and justice. I endorse that completely. But as I outlined above, they are on the precise opposite side of every single issue.

A big part of their ability to do this is hiding behind black people, who are naturally pitiful. If you can frame someone as being against black people, it is much easier to frame them as evil. Of course in reality, as pitiful as black people are, they are used as a violent weapon against normal people by the ruling elite, who then hide behind them.

I support helping black people. But what would help black people is not to remove the cops from their neighborhoods. What would help black people are strict sentences for drug criminals, a removal of drugs from their neighborhoods, repairing the single mother situation, suppression of violent rap music, and promotion of black leaders who tell black men to take responsibility for their own lives instead of blaming their problems on whites. Fixing the black community in that way would also help whites, who would no longer be subjected to the brutal violence of the black community, which makes our own living spaces unsafe.

The foreign policy stuff is all just goofy. The best position on foreign policy you could sell the normies is “interventionism is bad, the US involving itself militarily with other countries never helps anything.” That is a simple thing that the normie can wrap his brain around.

One thing is certain: it is truly exhausting to look at the way that the normie is controlled in all of his thinking using such minimal effort to the point where six million people think they’re rebels for supporting the CIA war in Syria because of a mask from a cringe Hollywood movie from fifteen years ago.