FBI Used Fake Encrypted Phones to Spy on Thousands of People Globally, Arrested More Than 800

The coronavirus hoax established the new guiding first principle that literally anything can be justified in the name of “saving lives.”

All previous ethics have been abandoned, and the elite can now manipulate society in any way they want in the name of the greater good.

You’re going to see a transformation of everything to line up with these new principles.

If there is no more bodily autonomy – which is the end conclusion of the vaxx regime – then it certainly follows that there is no such thing as privacy.


Police arrested more than 800 people worldwide in a huge global sting involving encrypted phones that were secretly planted by the FBI, law enforcement agencies said Tuesday.

Cops in 16 countries were able to read the messages of global underworld figures as they plotted drug deals, arms transfers and gangland hits on the compromised ANOM devices.

Mafia groups, Asian crime syndicates, motorcycle gangs and other organised crime syndicates around the world were all monitored using the spiked phones as part of Operation “Trojan Shield”.

The sting, jointly conceived by Australia and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, prevented around 100 murders, foiled several large-scale narcotics shipments and led to seizures of weapons and cash, they added.

The results are staggering,” FBI Assistant Director Calvin Shivers told reporters at the headquarters of the EU’s police agency Europol HQ in The Netherlands.

Shivers said the FBI had provided criminal syndicates in over 100 countries with the devices over the last 18 months “that allowed us to monitor their communications”.

Europol hailed the “exceptional” operation, which saw around 12,000 of the ANOM devices distributed worldwide to criminals who thought they were chatting in secret.

“This information led over the last week to hundreds of law enforcement operations on a global scale from New Zealand to Australia to Europe and the USA, with impressive results,” said Jean-Philippe Lecouffe, Deputy Director Operations at Europol.

More than 800 arrests, more than 700 locations searched, more than eight tonnes of cocaine.”

Police also seized 22 tonnes of cannabis, two tonnes of methamphetamine, 250 firearms, 55 luxury vehicles and over $48 million (39 million euros) in various currencies and cryptocurrencies, Europol said.

According to unsealed court documents, the FBI worked with insiders to develop and distribute ANOM devices through the Phantom Secure network of existing criminal customers, unloading 50 — mostly to Australia — as a “beta test”.

The devices are said to have had no email, call or GPS services and could only message other ANOM phones.

They could only be bought on the black market — for around $2,000 — and required a code from an existing user to access.

“We didn’t hand them out, people actually came to us seeking those devices,” Shivers said.

Australian agencies helped get the phones in the hands of underworld “influencers” — including an Australian fugitive drug boss on the run in Turkey — in a bid to gain trust.

The cover appeared to be blown in March 2021 when a blogger detailed ANOM security flaws and claimed it was a scam linked to Australia, the United States and other members of the FiveEyes intelligence sharing network. The post was later deleted.

ANOM’s website — which once offered “military grade” encryption services and devices with special features like “light and dark” display themes — was unavailable Tuesday, with a message from authorities that the “domain has been seized”.

This was specifically targeting “criminals.” However, none of these people had been convicted of a crime, hence the fact that they needed to spy on them in the first place.

This is clearly a massive breach of privacy by an international spying cartel – the crime of running this operation is a much bigger crime than anything these targeted criminals were doing.

Surely, if they are willing to do this to suspected criminals, they are willing to do it to everyone else as well – because we are all suspected criminals.

No one should use any apps that are not open source and audited. The best one right now is still Signal. I don’t know what these criminals thought, using a secret special phone, but that was pretty dumb. If they would have just used normal phones with normal encrypted apps, it’s unlikely that any of them would have been caught (at least not through their phones).

The other issue here is that the FBI is supposed to be a domestic policing organization – why are they functioning on an international scale? Isn’t that what the CIA is supposed to do?

But then, the CIA is also operating domestically.

No one wants to defend drug dealers or murderers or whatever – but that’s the whole point. They start out doing this sort of thing to totally unsympathetic figures that no one wants to defend. It’s just like when they began the censorship regime with Daily Stormer (now Tranny Watch).