Annoying Bitch Kristi [sic] Noem Goes to War with 666 Satan Shoes

It is just as illegal in Christianity to have women in charge as it is to be a gay homosexual.

But arbitrarily, Western Churches decided that it was fine to have women in charge.

Women then totally crushed the souls of men, and took over everything. Now our only Christian warrior is the stupid and annoying bitch Kristi [sic] Noem, a stupid bitch who is fighting against Satan shoes for us.

The shoes are being released by Nike, in conjunction with the homosexual black rapper Lil Nas X. Nas X recently released a music video where he has gay sex with the devil.

Noem’s Twitter account (probably not run by Noem) then got into a fight with Nas X’s Twitter account (probably mostly run by Nas X). This was the worst Crusade ever, and I want a refund.

Noem looked stupid, and embarrassed Christendom, like any stupid bitch put in charge always will.

Noem didn’t mention that Lil Nas X is a homosexual, or that he’s black, or that Nike is a US-based corporation which the government has the power to prosecute for selling obscenity and corruption of minors. None of that is on brand.

The branding of “Christian feminism” or “Feminine Christianism” is much different than traditional Christianity, which involved the total destruction of the enemies of the Lord, and the scattering of their ashes to the wind.

The pounding hooves of ten thousand horses.

Cold steel and flaming arrows.

God wills it.