Anne Coulter is a Completely Base Racist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 9, 2015

Anne Coulter is obviously completely unhinged.  And in a perfect world, we wouldn’t have women on TV telling people obvious facts.  That being said, she clearly completely hates non-White people, with a primal sort of hatred which perhaps only a woman can truly feel.  And she is hitting the invasion issue very hard by mainstream standards.

Just like Milo gets away with attacking faggots and women because he’s a homo, she can get away with relatively radical pro-White sentiment because she is a woman.

Many people in the WN community want to attack anyone who isn’t a hardcore Fascist, but this is folly.  The bottom line is that people like Coulter, McInnes, Tucker Carlson, etc. are changing the narrative, shifting it to the right, and this is absolutely a good thing, whatever the context.  A person who hears and accepts what they are saying is much more likely to hear and accept what we are saying than someone who has never heard what they are saying.

We have seen a similar situation with the conflict I had with Sargon of Akkad.  He had brought his followers into a new way of thinking and so they were open to our way of thinking.  What ended up happening was that his own followers were calling him out as ridiculous for pushing the SJW line on race and immigration.

The same thing can happen with the likes of Coulter and Carlson on the Jew issue (despite pretense, McInnes is up on the Jew issue).  If they accept the line of reasoning these soft right people are giving on the race issue, they will be much more likely to be open on the Jew issue, and they will end up attacking the people who woke them up to the race issue for trying to cover it up.

Here is Coulter on with McInnes.