Anne Coulter: “How Many Immigrants are Enough?” (We’ve Got 42 Million Already)

Daily Stormer
August 7, 2015

There is only one issue.

And there is only one person who talks about it.

But even Fox News gives more of a voice to this Filipino troll creature than to her.


COULTER: The question should be, “Does this help America?” and and I’d like to ask them, “How many immigrants are enough?” We already have 42 million immigrants in this country. These guys all talk about how they want to go back to the era of Reagan and they’d be Reagan. Well in the eighties when Reagan was elected, one of every sixteen people residing in America was was foreign born; today it’s one in seven. One in seven. Okay, we have 42 million now — a hundred million, 200 million — how many is enough?

KELLY: The other side says for the 11 to 12 million who are here now it is impractical if not impossible to talk about deporting them.

COULTER: Well, I liked Romney’s answer about enforcing e-verify and they’ll go home the same way they came. I mean everyone made fun of Mitt Romney for saying they’d self deport and oh, it’s so impractical — and there aren’t 12 million there are least thirty million. Okay, say there are 30 million; how are 30 million going to self-deport? Are you going to round them up? We didn’t round them up to get them here. They’re gonna go home the same way they came.

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