Ann Hathaway Celebrates: “My Country Gasses Children”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2018

It really is like something out of hell what happens to women as they age. It isn’t so much that it happens that is so jarring, it is just the speed at which at happens. 

Anne Hathaway, a sweet piece of Irish ass that people want to fuck even though she’s hit the wall like a ton of bricks being thrown at the wall by the Hulk because they figure they’ll just think about what she looked like 15 years ago during the act, has bravely come out and praised the gassing of children by President Donald Trump.

As usual, Hataway’s kike husband stole her phone and changed the words around into some serious kike gibberish.

Sickening, the depths to which these Jews will sink.

Editing their own shiksa wives’ tweets to push a kike invasion agenda.

Her kike husband apparently still has her phone, because I texted her on WhatsApp about the edit and someone replied strangely.

Definitely not her usual style of texting.