Ann Coulter Explains the Proud Boys Thing

I’ve explained the thing where they’re attacking the Proud Boys as “white supremacists.”

You should hear someone else explain it.

Here’s Ann Coulter, from her most recent column:

This is the position of the media and the Democratic Party: Antifa must be allowed to run riot without interference from anyone. We’ve liberated antifa from district attorneys and mayors and now we’ll liberate them from individual Americans. Therefore, anyone who defends the innocent from psychotic left-wing violence will be cursed as a “white supremacist.”

That is the quickest and simplest explanation you’re going to get for what is going on here.

Antifa is absolutely above the law, but they’re such pussies, skinny and drug-addled, that they would never be able to successfully fight normal citizens. So it has become illegal to defend against their attacks.

The leader of the Proud Boys, the man who has been the leader since Gavin McInnes resigned, is literally a black guy.

So calling them white supremacists is just absurd and nonsensical.

It is also nonsensical to say they’re “haters.” What do they hate? Who do they hate? Why do they hate them? What the hell are we even talking about?

Proud Boys’ main public behavior is holding pro-Trump, pro-America rallies. These rallies get attacked by Antifa and Antifa does not win. Potentially, in a situation of total chaos, Proud Boys could organize on a larger scale and totally suppress Antifa entirely, assuming the cops didn’t interfere.

Chris Wallace and his debate club teammate Joe Biden also called Kyle Rittenhouse and his boys in Kenosha “white supremacists” – again, for standing up against Antifa violence.

The media is now attempting to make any resistance against Antifa a crime.

They are running around with quotes from the Daily Stormer that say if Antifa attempts to overthrow the government after the election that the people should resist that, claiming I’m advocating some kind of pro-active violence.

Antifa are openly saying they’re going to rush the White House and remove Trump from office based on fraudulent claims that Biden won the election through mail-in. They’re saying that if anyone stands up against this, they’re basically terrorists.

This is all just completely insane.