Angry Mutant Retard Named TIME Magazine’s Man of the Year

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 11, 2019

Greta Thunberg has been named TIME “Man of the Year.”

On the cover, she is looking as frail and gaunt as ever, like a small, evil worm person.

Here’s the TIME article accompanying the cover. It’s very long and I didn’t read it. I have read enough about Greta Thunberg.

The cover says “The Power of Youth.”

I can’t help but compare this magazine cover to an iconic magazine cover that a girl Greta’s age did when I was a kid.

Brittany Spears was not retarded, and not some kind of a mutant.

She was also not a vegan.

“The power of youth” has always referred to hormonal energy, which is typically the only thing that teenagers have going for them. If you look at Greek mythology or the Bible or Shakespeare or Charles Dickens or whatever else, you find that the characters of young people are always primarily beautiful women who men are obsessed with or horny teenage boys who are obsessed with beautiful women.

The single young female hero in all of history I’m aware of is Joan of Arc, and she was directed specifically by the Archangel Michael to support the king of France against the English.

The Jews are obviously trying to mold Greta on Joan of Arc, but the problem is that Greta is retarded and evil and working for Satan. She is actually a kind of reverse Joan of Arc.

I had Greta fatigue as soon as they rolled this retard out and started telling people they had to obey her every command or suffer the consequences. Those commands include becoming a vegan, eating bugs (which I guess are vegan snacks) and paying astronomical taxes to the world government.

I think now a lot of the world is getting sick of this horrible demonic monster. Even those who support her are thinking “please, just stop – stop, I can’t take it anymore.”

Greta herself has expressed that she is tired and doesn’t want to keep doing this, and has ordered the media to back up off her.

I think that the TIME award may signal peak Greta. She is simply so viscerally repulsive as a creature, that eventually, even the people who agree with her are going to be overwhelmed by the disgust reaction.

And we don’t really even know who agrees with her. Everything we’ve seen so far has been totally astroturfed. Well-paid organizers are telling teenagers they can leave school if they go out in the streets and riot against the weather.

And they can only get women to riot.

Just because women will literally do whatever those with the power tell them to do.

Are these rioting teenage girls capable of accomplishing something?

They can serve as a cover for politicians who say “look, we have to pass these new bills charging you all of these extra taxes, because these teenage girls are rioting and demanding it.”

But I don’t think that is the goal right now. I think Greta is here to serve as a jumping off point towards a new form of this agenda. And I think both because of her personal instability and the serious problems with her as a public figure, it’s getting close to time to phase her out.