Angry Black Screams and Spits at White Stewardess on Brussels Airlines Flight

Daily Stormer
March 17, 2020

Attacking flight attendants, often during the worst possible times, seems to be an African tribal custom.

At least the stewardess hit him back (hopefully she won’t be prosecuted for a hate crime).

Daily Mail:

This is the shocking moment a male passenger slapped a female flight attendant around the face after she appeared to hit him while he was screaming and spitting in her face.

A two-minute video, posted online, begins with the furious passenger aboard the Brussels Airlines flight yelling at a male flight attendant who is trying to restrain him.

‘You don’t put your hands on me!’ he shouted. ‘Calm down!’ the male flight attendant said repeatedly in response.

The passenger then threatened to ‘beat the s**t out of’ the flight attendant while his wife began yelling that the steward had hit the passenger first.

According to unconfirmed reports online, the altercation was triggered when the passenger wanted to report that his mother was being assaulted by the person seated next to her.

The passenger’s wife then started recording after she said the male flight attendant punched her husband.

In the midst of the chaos, the flight attendant’s supervisor, a woman wearing a red uniform, appeared to try and calm the situation but was told to ‘shut the f*** up!’ by the passenger.

She responds, saying: ‘You listen, and you calm down.’

The wife is then heard saying: ‘All he had to do was help.’

When the female supervisor then threatened to call the police, the wife and husband claimed that it was the flight attendant who escalated the situation by touching him.

‘He hit me!’ the husband told the supervisor.

‘You saw him, and I’m recording!’ the wife is heard saying.

At this point, at least two other flight attendants approach the man and appear to be trying to calm the situation.

The female supervisor then threatens the husband that he would ‘get in trouble.’

As the husband and supervisor went back and forth, the wife is heard saying: ‘This is not illegal. This is my right.’

The man began yelling louder while inching closer to the supervisor’s face.

At one point the supervisor pauses to wipe away spit from the passenger off her cheek. The supervisor then hit the husband in the face.

The man responded by striking her hard in the face.

At this point, at least one other passenger intervenes and restrains the husband while the wife yells uncontrollably in the background and continues recording.

‘Get the f*** off of him!’ the wife is heard saying before the clip ends.

These are the types of adventures you just simply do not have in a uniracial society.

Imagine how boring it would be.