Spanish Stonehenge: 5,000-Year-Old Megalithic Temple Exposed at the Bottom of a Reservoir

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 24, 2019

I think these sorts of monuments are everywhere, and the nutty thing is there actually seems to be a concerted effort to hide this fact.

Probably, Jews are attempting to bury our history as a people for nefarious purposes.

Daily Mail:

A 5,000-year-old monument has reappeared in Spain after being submerged at the bottom of a reservoir for 50 years.

The megalithic site features 144 granite blocks which stand more than six-foot tall and has been dubbed ‘Spanish Stonehenge’.

Its similarity to the UNESCO World heritage site in Wiltshire is striking, but the Iberian version is made of smaller rocks.

It was thought to be condemned to the history books in the 1960s when a Spanish general ordered the construction of a hydroelectric dam in Peraleda de la Mata, near Cáceres in Extremadura.

However, a severe and prolonged drought has seen the structure emerge as the the last drops of water vanished from the barren basin.

It is believed the Celts living in Iberia 4,000 years ago may have built the structure.

‘The stones have been brought from about five kilometres away to form this temple, which we think was used to worship the sun,’ Ángel Castaño, president of the Peraleda Cultural Association, told the Times.

‘In that way it has similarities to Stonehenge, but is obviously smaller.

‘People here had heard about them but had never seen them. We want the authorities to move these stones to the banks of the reservoir and to use them as a tourist attraction, as few people come to this area.’

Radiocarbon dating of the rocks found they range in age from around 4,000 to 5,000 years old and this ties them in curiously to the history of Stonehenge.

We don’t know about radiocarbon dating. We also don’t know exactly what was going on 4,000 to 5,000 years ago.

It is quite possible that whites are descended from an ancient Hyperborean race, such as that featured in the Conan stories, and that the Jews have actually hated us for that long, as they fought our warrior people as an ancient satanic Thusla Doom wizard race associated with the Serpent Men.

I mean, you can joke about stuff like that – but would it actually surprise anyone to find out that it’s true?

I don’t see any reasons to put more weight in the claims of Jewish archaeologists than in the dream visions of Robert E. Howard, which also seem to line up with some of the occult beliefs of the Third Reich.