Anglin Here. I’ve Retaken Control of the Site. The Daily Stormer Never Dies.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 14, 2017

Live forever.

As you are no doubt aware, there was a brief disruption.

Some group from “Anonymous” hacked our server and took control of the site for several hours while I was sleeping, having been deprived during the Charlottesville event that I was covering around the clock.

I’m just leaving their post up, so if you haven’t seen it, go check it out.

It just goes to show that these people cannot do anything to us other than try to shut down our free speech.

Absolutely disgusting.

To all those on the forum, don’t worry about you email addresses: that is hosted on a totally separate server that was not breached.

I’m sorry to everyone who was stressed-out by this event, but know this: they keep knocking us down, but we get right back up, bigger and stronger than before.

As I mentioned yesterday, the mainstream media was repeatedly quoting me, but trying not to name the site.

The Jew Jake Tapper read this statement without mentioning my name or the name of the site. So did many other networks.

Well, now we’re number two on Google News.

So much for shutting down any mention of us.

Nice try, Jews.

But we’ll get covered if we want to get covered, and in the wake of Charlottesville, it’s important that the public knows where to go to see what the people marching through those streets actually believe.

As for media rumors that the site will be shut down – don’t believe anything you hear in the fake news media. You should know better. It’s going to take bullets to stop us. Even then I swear to God I will climb up out of my grave and keep on shitposting against these Jews.

Repelling the Attack

During the hacking attack, weev and I were unable to contact our server host in Mongolia, as Mongolian people are lazy. So we had to do this the old fashioned way, and wrestle control back from Anonymous using traditional hacking methods.

At one point during the attack, weev and I were literally both typing on the same keyboard, and we bruteforce outwitted the Jewish Anonymous hackers.

It was literally like that scene from NCIS that everyone makes fun of.

I want to thank the Nigerian government for their help in literally flying weev into my base in Lagos in a helicopter. These brave Nigerians performed a feat that is illegal even in Nigeria and landed a military helicopter on the roof of my apartment building to get weev to me as fast as possible.

They also illegally entered both Turkish and Israeli airspace.

Nigerian military helicopter (FILE PHOTO)

Here’s the flightpath of the Nig-Chopper (Nigerian Military term, not mine):

weev’s flightpath to help me stop Anonymous hackers.

According to weev, Sudanese rebels shot a shoulder-launcher rocket at them when they entered rebel air space, but I think he’s trolling me.

Whether that’s true or not, this is definitely true: the Nigerian military is the real hero today, who saved this site.

I also want to thank directly Muhammadu Buhari, the President of Nigeria, who authorized this operation.

Muhammadu Buhari

And that’s something that people who are calling me a hater need to think long and hard about.

If I am really a hater, then how did I make such good contact with the Nigerian government that they were willing to illegally violate Israeli airspace and risk getting shot down by Jews in order to get my website back online?

The fact of the matter is: I don’t hate anyone.

The only thing that I want – that any of us want – is to keep our own countries ours and not be replaced by an invading army of nonwhite immigrants.


The actual haters are the people who hate whites. The people who say that we as a race have to be wiped out. That while Africans get to keep Africa, Asians get to keep Asia and Arabs get to keep the Middle East (except for the parts the Jews stole), we are not allowed to keep our own countries. We’re not allowed to keep any country in Europe, we’re not allowed to keep America.

Everywhere, we are being flooded and overrun and told we have no right to exist.

That is the real hate.

These people are committing a genocide against us while they want to hunt us down for making jokes on the internet and claiming we have a right to exist.


We’re not going to take it lying down.

Death or glory.

Hail Victory.