Anglin and Duke on the Crisis Created by Jew Media and Jew Homo MILO

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 21, 2017

From the wilderness, we ride for KEK. We are going to buy the New York Times building and put a swastika on it.

Today on The David Duke Show, I went through some things I included in my article on MILO published this morning.

Who is to blame for the crisis of #Pedergate?

MILO, a Jewish faggot who was open and honest about faggot pederast behavior?

Or the Jew media who held a clip that was viewed by hundreds of thousands of people and released at the time it would do maximum damage to Steve Bannon, Breitbart and Donald Trump?

The answer of course is that both are responsible – but the people who thought they could work with a Jew homo are also responsible.

You can’t make a deal with the devil and win.

Actually, no. This is all on you. And also the other Jews who Jewed you – something which you should have seen coming and been like “oh yeah, that time I was talking about pederasty – let me go ahead and create a context for that before the media does it for me…”

We also talked about how the Jew gravestone bashings and the 67 bomb hoaxes are almost certainly false flags by Jews. The intelligence community can spy on General Flynn, but somehow they can’t find someone making 67 bomb calls?

Not bloody likely, mate.

We also take note that despite the pressure from the filthy lying kikes, we’re still winning the war. Trump’s Sweden troll was a massive success. And we will continue to gain ground.

It was a great show.