Anglican Church Headed for Major Schism Over Gay Bishops ‘Marrying’

Daily Stormer
April 27, 2014

Archbishop Justin Welby who is of Jewish extraction.

This is tragic on so many levels. To think that the largest organised resistance to sodomite clergy ‘marrying’ is coming from a race who have no tradition of marriage or any part in the Bible, really shows just how degenerate we have become. The Anglican church will continue to deteriorate until it starts following the Bible again and denouncing usury, sodomy, fornication, multiculturalism and the Jews. Not much chance of that happening though when Justin Welby, the current Archbishop of Canterbury, is himself of Jewish extraction.

Canon Jeremy Pemberton with his partner Laurence Cunnington: Mr Pemberton is facing disciplinary action from the Bishop of Lincoln for disobeying a House of Bishops’ ruling that gay clergy should not ‘marry’. Gay clergy? There should be no gay clergy in the first place, let alone directives for them not to ‘marry’.

Daily Mail:

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby was last night facing mounting pressure to crack down on clergy who marry their gay partners – as the threat of a split in the Anglican Church grew.

A powerful group of conservative African Archbishops said they were ‘deeply troubled’ by liberal Western attitudes towards homosexuality and that Church of England clerics were flouting a ban on same-sex weddings.

The Archbishops said it was ‘very concerning’ that the ban was being ‘openly disregarded’ and added: ‘We look to the Church of England to give clear leadership as moral confusion about the status of marriage [in England] deepens.’

Their intervention follows the civil wedding this month of Canon Jeremy Pemberton, a hospital chaplain, and his partner Laurence Cunnington under new laws pushed through by David Cameron.

Mr Pemberton, from Southwell, Nottinghamshire, is facing disciplinary action from the Bishop of Lincoln Christopher Lowson for disobeying the House of Bishops’ ruling that gay clergy should not marry because marriage should only be between a man and a women.

But Church of England conservatives believe the bishop will drag his feet because of fears of a liberal backlash – opening the floodgates to more gay clergy weddings.

The African Archbishops, from seven countries including Nigeria and Uganda, represent 35 million Anglicans – half of the 70 million-strong worldwide Anglican Church, of which Archbishop Welby is the head – and are threatening to break away if their concerns are ignored.

The Bishop of Lincoln declined to comment.

When these guys have the moral high ground you know we are in serious trouble.

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