Anger Over Creepy Jew Pedo Music Video

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2015

Yes.  This does make me uncomfortable.
Yes. This does make me uncomfortable.

Many are outraged over the recently released “Sia” music video featuring the sick 28-year-old Jew in intimate situations with the 12-year-old dancer Maddie Ziegler.

I flipped through and saw parts of the video, and do believe that it is pedophilic in nature, designed by Jews work toward the agenda to normalize relationships with pre-pubescent children.

The video is directed by Daniel Askill, who the internet does not say is a Jew, but might be.  He definitely has that sickly, weak look that Jews often have.

Daniel Askill: Jew or not Jew?  You decide!
Daniel Askill: Jew or not Jew? You decide!

The limp-wristed lunatic Askill was also responsible for last years Sia video featuring Ziegler (when she was only 11), which also seemed pedophilic and weird.

On some level that one seemed to be formed in such a way that it was meant to prohibit people from mentioning that it was pedo-like for fear of being called a pedo – that is, a person thinks of saying “this looks to be encouraging pedophilia, having that little girl in a skin-tight skin colored costume with all that make-up on dancing around like that” but they fear the response will be “oh, you must be attached to the little girl and be a pedo yourself if you think this is encouraging that!”

It is the same reason people fear to criticize child beauty pageants, even after Jon Benet Ramsey.

But this new video features the sexualized girl with a man -kicking it up a notch – and thus is open for criticism.

The little girl's make-up is purposefully intended to make her look like a woman.
The little girl’s make-up is purposefully intended to make her look like a woman.

Now that we can’t complain about Blacks, Moslems, queers, immigrants, Antichristism or anything else, it is no surprise that when people get the chance to complain about a pedophile-PR video, they take it. It is the last bastion of social outrage expression.

As such, it is the last place left for the Jew to liberate, and these videos serve – purposefully or not – as a means to desensitize the people to the idea of a grown man with a little kid.

At the same time, the definition of the word “pedophile” is being skewed by the media, apparently on purpose.  Traditionally, the term meant “one who is attracted to pre-pubescent children,” but now media is labelling people who get busted for sex with a minor as “pedophiles” even if the girl is clearly fully developed and physically indistinguishable from a legal woman.

I wouldn’t argue for a change in the age of consent (at least not for casual sexual relationships, maybe different for marriage), as I do think there is perhaps a need to protect teenage girls from being sexually exploited by older men, but by classifying “statutory rape” as the same thing as “child molestation” we are greatly lessening the grossness of actual pedophila, which is a serious deviancy and mental disorder and a danger to society at large.

There are other things going on here.  Right now they are trying to push the idea that pedophilia is an “orientation” in the same way as homosexualism, implying that this is something you are born with.  In reality, these are not things that you are born with, but rather diseased behavior patterns, and by making the claims that “these people can’t help themselves,” you are pushing people toward embracing these disorders by telling themselves it is something they cannot help and also telling them they need to ask themselves if they were born with one of these disorders.

In the old days, if a man ever thought about sex with another man he would then tell himself “I shouldn’t think about that, thinking about that is anti-social.”  Unless he was an anti-social person, then he might embrace it, but very few did that.

I don’t really understand how they could ever literally legalize sex with kids, but with these Jews, anything is possible.  The plan now is clearly to get pedophiles “liberated” as people who are not immoral or mentally deranged but simply suffering from a genetic inclination toward child-love.

Everything has gotten so sick and surreal.  Difficult to take it all in.

But as I have said, just as 2014 was the year of the liberation of the tranny faggot, 2015 will be the year of the liberation of the pedophile sicko.

Just you wait.