Angela Merkel’s Husband Says Unvaccinated People are Lazy for Not Submitting to The Science

Joachim Sauer, Angela Merkel’s husband.

Angela Merkel has a husband?

Why doesn’t she have any children?

Does the man have a limp dick? 


Professor Joachim Sauer, the husband of outgoing German chancellor Angela Merkel, has blasted unvaccinated citizens, saying they are ignoring science and being “lazy.”

It is astonishing that a third of the population does not follow scientific evidence. Partly this is down to certain laziness and complacency of Germans,” Sauer said in rare public comments to Italian newspaper La Repubblica and picked up by Die Welt.

The chancellor’s husband also slammed those, doctors and scientists included, who have an “ideological reaction to what they consider a vaccination dictatorship.”

Sauer, who is a quantum chemistry professor, also expressed hope that the pandemic would prompt an interest in science among new generations.

“It would be nice if many would be interested in science and decide to study it, there is a need,” he said.

If you’re against the vaccine, you don’t follow scientific evidence. Except if you’re a scientist, because in that case you’re just having an “ideological reaction.”

Cool quantum mental gymnastics, quantum chemistry professor.