Angela Merkel has Something to Say About American Goyim Who Think They Own Something

Germany has an occupation government run by the United States military, an entity commonly known as the Zionist Occupation Government (“ZOG”). There are nearly 50,000 US troops, commonly known as “ZOGbots,” permanently stationed in Germany to make sure they don’t do Nazism again.

The ZOG-owned governor of Germany, a fat childless communist woman with large breasts, was always unhappy that her masters in America were having some trouble with a large orange man. Because people voting for leaders that Jews don’t approve of is anti-democracy.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has slammed outgoing US President Donald Trump over his long denial of his election defeat, saying that the political uncertainty led to violence on Capitol Hill.

Speaking on Thursday in a closed party meeting, Merkel said the images of people storming the US Capitol Building made her “angry and also sad,” adding that she felt like “most friends of the United States of America.”

The chancellor said that in any election there are winners and losers, but “both have to play their role with decency and a sense of responsibility so that democracy itself remains the winner.”

“This democracy will prove to be much stronger than the aggressors and rioters.”

Merkel said she lamented the outgoing president’s role in the occupation of the Capitol.

Trump had “unfortunately” not admitted his defeat by Wednesday. It is only because doubts were raised about the outcome of the election that “the atmosphere was created in which such violent events were possible,” she said.

The chancellor’s comments come after other world leaders, including UK PM Boris Johnson, condemned Wednesday’s violence and called for the “peaceful and orderly transfer of power.”

This statement:

This democracy will prove to be much stronger than the aggressors and rioters.

Literally means:

Jews will physically dominate and destroy anyone who dares stand up to this system.

Hopefully this meme I just made will help you to understand:

It’s not even translucent anymore – it’s transparent.

Just substitute the word “democracy” for “Jewish domination” in every statement made by these people, and you will know everything that is going on.