Angela Merkel Attacks Coronavirus “Deniers” as Fact-Hating Populist Threat

Angela Merkel is back and this big bitch is going big on white people who don’t believe in the coronavirus hoax.


Chancellor Angela Merkel presented Germany’s priorities for its six-month term at the helm of the EU presidency on Wednesday, urging swift action to shore up economies in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic while underscoring that the crisis had exposed the limits of “fact-denying populism”.

The coronavirus pandemic is showing the limits of “fact-denying populism,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the European Parliament on Wednesday as she set out her country’s plans for its six-month presidency of the European Union.

Germany took over the task of chairing EU meetings on July 1 and faces the challenge of seeking a compromise on a coronavirus recovery fund for the 27-nation bloc as well as the EU’s budget for the next seven years as the continent faces up to the task of pulling out of a deep recession.

“The depth of the economic decline demands that we hurry,” Merkel told lawmakers. “We must waste no time – only the weakest would suffer from that. I very much hope that we can reach an agreement this summer. That will require a lot of readiness to compromise from all sides – and from you too.”

“We must not be naive: In many member states, opponents of Europe are just waiting to misuse the crisis for their ends,” she said. “We must show them all where the added value of cooperation in the European Union lies. We must show that a return to nationalism means not more, but less control.”

Without explicitly naming any countries or politicians, Merkel pointed to cautionary examples elsewhere.

“We are seeing at the moment that the pandemic can’t be fought with lies and disinformation, and neither can it be with hatred and agitation,” she said.

“Fact-denying populism is being shown its limits,” she added to applause. “In a democracy, facts and transparency are needed. That distinguishes Europe, and Germany will stand up for it during its presidency.”

This “facts” nonsense is just about almost too much to take.

We know the facts about coronavirus, you fat old childless pig – it’s about as dangerous as the flu.

The fact is that 4 million people died of the Hong Kong flu in 1968, and there was no global lockdown. They didn’t collapse the economy to “save lives,” because anyone living on earth at that time knew that no flu virus could ever kill as many people as would die as a result of shutting down the economy.

The current coronavirus death toll is an absolute travesty, and not at all reflective of reality. No other disease in history has had its death toll calculated by saying that anyone who you suspect might of having the disease is counted in the death toll, regardless if they died specifically because of the disease or if they even have it at all.

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But even if you use these totally fake numbers, we have only 15% of the deaths that the Hong Kong flu had.

Here’s a fact for you, porky: millions and millions of people are going to die as a result of this lockdown. Many more will have their lives completely destroyed beyond repair. These will be young people, not the extreme elderly that are making up the overwhelming bulk of alleged coronavirus deaths now.

We have created a hell on earth with this lockdown. An entirely new way of life for virtually everyone on the planet. Our grandchildren will curse our names for what we have allowed to happen.

This is absolutely insane.

For this bitch to go out there and start talking about how people like me are “fact-deniers,” to talk about how good and moral she is for pushing this hell on the world – it just really makes me want to smash up everything in my room. It’s just frankly too much to even manage, on a psychological level.