Anemic Ape Trolled to Tears by National Socialist Serbian Shitlords

Daily Stormer

February 21, 2017

I find it hard to care about sportsball. In my mind it means one of two things: an altar by which working class white men are subverted into accepting and normalizing negro rapists around their daughters, or a disappointing form of hooliganism that channels the healthy aggressive spirit of the young into pointless riots over trivialities instead of the tribal warfare where it would naturally follow. An exception to this is Serbia.

Back in the Yugoslav conflict, Serbian football clubs were real actual Right Wing Death Squads. Arkan led his tigers (largely members of the Red Star Belgrade football club which he once managed) to early victories in the war, which led to his indictment for crimes against humanity and assassination. Serbian football clubs are still considered hate groups by the international establishment and there have been constant assurances from the Serbian government that they are going to clean up all that terrible racism they are involved with since the the progressive party, Srpska napredna stranka, took power.


Deputy Prosecutor General Jovan Krstić … asked the Serbian Constitutional Court to ban several football fan groups on the grounds that they were hate groups. He called several fan groups “homophobic, xenophobic, and ultra-nationalist” and added that they were a threat to the political and constitutional order of Serbia.

The 90s NATO bombing of Serbia went through without even UN approval by unilateral action of ZOG because the Serbs are a group of white people who fully embraced traditional values and a racial, national consciousness. Serbs still have the flame of Europa burning in their hearts, and Donald Trump has issued a lot of statements in support of them and disappointment at us attacking our dearest Slavic allies.

The international Jew knows that without the continued enforcement of the US and NATO the Serbs could reclaim Kosovo, the spiritual homeland of the Serbian Orthodox, with a trivial effort. So they’ve been vigilant in attempting to extinguish the last popular expression of the immutable Serbian nationalist spirit which is the football club.

I wonder how exactly these efforts have worked out for these international Jews? Have Srpski footballers become beacons of a tolerant and effete multiracial society?

Daily Mail:

Partizan Belgrade’s Brazilian midfielder Everton Luiz left the field in tears yesterday after being racially abused by supporters of local city rivals Rad.

Luiz, 28, was jeered and taunted with monkey noises every time he touched the ball and some Rad fans unfurled a banner insulting the Brazilian towards the end of the game.


Speaking after the match, he said: ‘I couldn’t hold back the tears as I had to face racist insults from the terraces for 90 minutes.

‘I was even more shocked by the attitude of opposing players who, instead of calming things down, backed this behaviour.


Some of the incident was captured on video.

At 2:14 you can clearly see a solar cross in Nazi colors being hung from the stands. So a group of good neo-Nazi white supremacists got some jollies by going in public and making monkey noises to a nignog until he broke down and cried like a bitch faggot.

Think of the sheer audacity of nogs. They come into our countries, commit massive amounts of the most horrific crimes within the realm of imagination, and then expect us to be shocked and appalled when they are not welcome. Every man who has any significant level of testosterone within his body is now waking up to the fact to the fact that this is ridiculous and is going to join good Nazi groups like these more and more.

Cry us your tears, primates. We have had enough of your shit. We have nothing but laughter in the face of your tears. Nobody cares anymore.

You see these white eagles? They mean NOT WELCOME.

You heard me! Get the fuck out!

Аве Србија! Косово је Србија!