Andrew Yang Winning the Elections May Spell the Death of the European Spirit

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 1, 2019

That sounds suspiciously like communism.

I know I’ve been saying that all things being the same, getting $1000 dollars a month would be better than not getting $1000 dollars a month. But this last couple of weeks I’ve found myself seeing this from another perspective. I was deeply focused on the issue of getting or not getting $1000 dollars a month in my meditation chamber, so much that I lost notion of time. Everything seemed to be colored green at times, but then it was brown, and then it was back to green again until it finally turned white. Light swallowed the room and everything was suddenly clear.

When people talk about getting the bag and how money makes everything better, what they’re not telling you is how money also makes everything worse.

Have you ever been told you have to get out of your comfort zone?

Money gives you comfort. This comfort given by money is usually offset by the pain you go through in order to get it. You work and then you receive, and a kind of balance is struck.

By removing pain from the act of getting money, Andrew Yang is literally removing struggle.

This may be what Alex Jones was warning us about when he mentioned the Chinese Communists.

Andrew Yang is one of those Chinese Communist that plan to take over America by destroying white people’s abilities to overcome challenges. He wants to keep white people in their comfort zone, and he’ll do that through communist-like policies such as giving people free stuff to pacify them.

That is not who we are.

All throughout history, we’ve been pushing our limits and the limits of what was thought possible. We’ve been conquering, fighting, inventing, discovering, thinking, and planning. We did all of that because we didn’t get $1000 dollars a month for doing nothing, and so we had to go out and earn it.

Giving white people free money is a direct attack on white people’s identity.

By making our countries similar to a jungle full of dangerous animals and making our people pay for it, the open border liberals are baiting white people into greatness through struggle, and we can all agree greatness is something we need more of.

We just have to take the bait.


Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, and good times create weak men.