Andrew Weissmann, The Jew Who Ran the Mueller Probe, Says Trump Impeachment Case is Solid

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 17, 2019

Jews have completely lost the plot.

What benefit to their agenda could it possibly be for the Jew who ran the Mueller Sanhedrin to come out and say that although he spent two years investigating Trump for crimes it turned out he was totally innocent of, he is totally guilty of the current crimes he’s accused of?

All this does is draw even more attention to how completely Jewish this campaign against Trump is.

Law and Crime:

Andrew Weissmann, frequently described as one of former special counsel Robert Mueller‘s top lieutenants, believes President Donald Trump has committed a slew of federal crimes while in office.

Writing for the legal blog Just Security on Monday, Weissmann made the introductory case for federal crimes likely committed by Trump as evidenced by the ongoing House of Representatives impeachment process.

The introduction begins by noting that a presidential impeachment doesn’t necessarily need to rely on violations of specific federal crimes. This is a truism, Weissmann notes, but “really beside the point,” because the House’s Ukraine-focused investigaiton allegedly uncovered substantial evidence for multiple federal violations.

“The President’s alleged criminal acts were undertaken in a context that makes them particularly subject to impeachment,” he writes. “The President’s alleged crimes involve his using — and abusing — his Presidential powers, in contrast to, say, the offenses for which President Bill Clinton was impeached. And the alleged offenses were committed by the President at a time that he was acutely aware of the illegality of seeking foreign assistance in an election.”

Per the blog, those crimes are: (1) violations of campaign finance law; (2) bribery; (3) honest services fraud; (4) violations of the Hatch Act; and (5) contempt of Congress.

Adhering to legal and legalistic theories of culpability and standards of proof, Weissmann makes pains to assess whether or not the evidence collected by congressional investigations would be sufficient for the government to make a federal criminal case against the 45th president with a view toward eventual conviction by a jury.

Everyone involved in this impeachment agenda is Jewish, as we know.

People were told that the Mueller Probe was run by the goy Robert Mueller, but in fact it turned out that Robert Mueller was totally senile, and had no idea what was in the report. We all saw this when he appeared before Congress to testify on the report.

So in actual fact, the entire Mueller Probe was run by the Jew Weissmann after it was ordered by the Jew Rod Rosenstein.

Weissmann coming out and talking about the Ukrainian election meddling conspiracy theory, after having completely failed to show any evidence for the Russian election meddling conspiracy theory, has to have people saying “wow, this sure is a whole lot of Jews attacking this man who was billed as the leader of white people.”