Andrew McCabe Calls for Normal Whites to be Monitored as Terrorists

Just in: all white people are probably terrorists, respected authority on the topic declares.

This is normal.

Washington Examiner:

Ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe agreed there is a “mass radicalization on the Right” and that law enforcement should scrutinize “mainstream” conservatives in the wake of last year’s Capitol riot.

McCabe, who served as the FBI’s second-in-command from 2016 to 2018, also compared “right-wing extremists” to U.S. citizens who joined ISIS, calling for a federal domestic terrorism law during a virtual discussion about Jan. 6 last week.

I’m fairly confident from what little we’ve heard from the FBI that they have reallocated resources and repositioned some of their counterterrorism focus to increase their focus on right-wing extremism and domestic violent extremists,” McCabe said during a panel by the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics. “And I think that’s obviously a good idea.”

McCabe said the FBI may be looking at the Ku Klux Klan and the Proud Boys when the real threat is more mainstream.

“It’s entirely possible … they didn’t assume that that group of people — business owners, white people from the suburbs, educated, employed — presented a threat of violence, and now we know very clearly that they do,” McCabe said.

Yeah, the Proud Boys and MAGA – just like the Alt-Right – were just a primer for setting up a system to declare all white people as basically terrorists.

Charlottesville was just January 6 1.0. Or January 6 was Charlottesville 2.0. These were faked events designed to demonize whites.

Part of this is just a generalized Jewish hatred for white people, as they associate us with Rome and with Christ and believe that we have to be exterminated in order for them to feel safe.

The other part is simply a necessary strategy of holding together the bizarre Democrat Party coalition. If you look at the groups that they’ve aligned – women, homosexuals, blacks, and immigrants – the only thing they really have in common is that they hate normal, heterosexual white men. So there is a need to continue to demonize them, and some kind of massive witch hunt against white people as a group is viewed as a way to unify their support base and keep them active and engaged in the weird agenda they have.

They’re basically doing to white people what the mainstream narrative of World War II says that the Nazis did to Jews. The difference is that Jews were actually a threat to the nation. But – I guess – normal heterosexual white men are an actual threat to the globalist order that is being built now, so maybe it’s really just the exact same thing.

Daily Reminder

If they send FBI people to your house, DO NOT TALK TO THEM.

They are not interested in understanding you, they are trying to hurt you.

You are not obligated to talk to them, beyond:

“Am I under arrest?”

If their answer is “no,” then you say “okay, thanks” and shut the door.

In the unlikely event that they say “yes,” then say “I have nothing to say outside of the presence of my attorney.”

If they put you in jail and won’t let you talk to an attorney, just stay in jail until they let you talk to an attorney (if you can’t afford an attorney, they give you a state-appointed one, which isn’t great but it’s better than nothing).

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They are already knocking on doors, and we’re going to see a lot more door-knocking.

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