Andrew Cuomo Better Not Try Touching My Face!

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has published a montage of photos of himself touching people’s faces, and blaming his mother for teaching him it is okay to touch people’s faces.

Basically, he’s saying that face-touching is appropriate in his culture.

The bizarre montage comes after the New York Times published pictures of the gubernatorial face-toucher touching some woman’s face and claiming it was sexual harassment.


Cuomo has been facing “allegations” of sexual harassment for nearly a year now, and has consistently pushed back against it.

But now there’s been a New York Attorney General report claiming he’s a pervert, and even Joe Biden has called for him to resign. The report says he harassed 11 women and threatened them to stay quiet.

Basically, the NYT is effectively the mouthpiece of the US federal government and Jewish establishment, and they are trying to get Cuomo out of the public eye because he is tainted by too much coronavirus hoaxing. We saw in the UK that prominent hoaxsters Neil Ferguson and Matt Hancock were both disposed of with goofy sex scandals.

Ferguson and Hancock didn’t push back on getting ousted, because they obviously appreciate the fact that they will get cushy jobs doing some other work for the Mega-Hoax AKA The Everything Hoax.

Cuomo I’m sure has been told that he’ll get some other job in the future making a lot of money, but he’s so aggressive, he thinks he can fight the entire establishment. He clearly wants to be president, and is so delusional he thinks he can overcome a sex scandal that the Times has gone ape over, and that the highest members of his own party have endorsed publicly.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they start accusing him of being a kiddie fiddler next.

Remember that he has pierced nipples, implying that he is part of a BDSM sex dungeon. Face-touching (Italian style) is definitely the least offensive thing he’s done.

The point I wanted to make here: this is not really relevant to anything.

They want fresh blood in for the next phase of the Big Hoax. These people who have been proved to be so, so wrong have to be cycled out.

Frankly, it looked like Lord Fauci himself was going to be replaced over this Wuhan Lab hoax, but that has largely fizzled. For a second there, it was like the media was trying to figure out whether or not they were supposed to attack him.

This fall, the virus hoax will enter a whole new phase, which will be much more extreme than anything we’ve seen thus far, and if it is the same discredited fools pushing it, there will likely be a lot more pushback.

If they bring in new hoaxers, no one can say “yeah but that guy was already wrong about everything!”