Andrew Anglin Returns to the Media! Takeover Imminent!


They tried to keep me out of the media.

But I just kept coming back into the media.

Jewish Daily Forward:


Washington Post:

Talking Points Memo:

Raw Story:

The regular reader should recall that I was in the media nonstop for several years as an internet celebrity. Then these think tanks wrote these white papers about how I was exploiting the media coverage to mock the media and push a devious agenda to make them look stupid.

I was then literally blacklisted by every single outlet for years. Like, they would not ever print my name.

This week, that rule was broken because apparently they need someone else to point at other than the Proud Boys as supporters of Trump, to call Nazis.

Well, tough luck, faggots. I was never a neo-Nazi. I only said I was a neo-Nazi because you kept calling me that, and it seemed funny. I didn’t know that neo-Nazis actually existed, and thought it was just from that movie “American History X.” Then, I found out that neo-Nazis were a real thing and actually really gay faggots and cringe, and supporters of an extreme feminist agenda.

What’s worse, their Yokos look like talking pieces of goop who had to have facial reconstruction surgery after getting run over by a truck.

Neo-Nazis are shocked when women betray them and go out trying to find more ugly skanks to be their mommies.

I have fully disavowed neo-Nazism because they are fat slobs and support women. I don’t think it’s funny. I take fatness and feminism seriously.

You will find no neo-Nazism on this website. You can call me a neo-Nazi, but you can already just call the Proud Boys that. The people that believe neo-Nazis are a real thing, and a real threat, won’t notice the leader is literally black.

Apparently, the Jewish Daily Forward reported on my statements about TRUMP WAR 2020, and the rest of the media then assumed that they now had permission to break the blacklist and mention my name.

It’s a lot of total bullshit.

Jewish Daily Forward:

Members of the Proud Boys, a group of self-described “Western chauvinists” who yearn for violent civil conflict, are taking President Trump’s debate remarks that they should “stand by” as a “call to action,” said an expert on extremism at the Anti-Defamation League.

“Stand by” is a law enforcement and military term, said Joanna Mendelson, associate director of the Center on Extremism at the ADL. That kind of rhetoric fuels the sense that the United States is heading into a civil war, she added.

Andrew Anglin, the founder of the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer, wrote on the site that the president’s statement indicates that Trump was telling militiamen to “wait until I give the signal.”

“He is telling the people to stand by. As in: get ready for war,” Anglin wrote. “In a month’s time, your president could ask you to go out into the streets and defend your country. You need to be ready to do that.”

Mendelson said that many of the memes and messages about the “stand by” comment and about the fear of a coup or civil war have taken on a white supremacist bent, but that those posters are “equal-opportunity in terms of who they hate” and are not zeroing in on any specific group in their talk of preparations.

No one is talking about anything, Mendelson.

What I said and what everyone said is that if Antifa and the left do what they’re saying they’re going to do and attempt to forcibly remove Donald Trump from office, which they have Facebook groups and websites saying they’re going to do, the President may ask us, his supporters, to defend the elected government of the United States from this mob.

Obviously, that is what “stand by” means. This isn’t an interpretation, and I guarantee you, no matter how many times you ask Trump to disavow his statement, he will not promise you that he won’t tell people to go out into the street.

Everyone knows the Democrats are planning to steal the election. This is simply an obvious matter of fact. It’s the reason they are obsessed with mail-in ballots, why they invented this completely new system of mail voting, why the entire media lies and says it will all work great.

Right now, what we are seeing is that the media is saying that they’re going to declare Biden the winner based on mail-in ballots and then attempt to somehow physically remove Trump from office, apparently by appealing to certain federal bodies wherein they already have their conspirators stationed.

As the President of the United States, Donald Trump has the ability to order his followers to be deputized to fight Antifa and other radical leftist terrorists who are attempting to overthrow the government.


If the media is planning on making me a fixture, that could be a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun last time. It of course changes the entire dynamic of the site when the media is covering me, and some people enjoy that. I enjoy that.

I will say this: not one of these people emailed me for comment, which is really weird. That’s never happened before. But of course, if the blackout on me is lifted, they’re not realistically going to be able to keep every journalist from emailing me.

When some easily confused woman from some stupid website emails me – that’s when the real action starts rolling hot and heavy.

The Proud Boys are in for a bad time, by the way.

Hit me up if your website goes down, guys.