Andrew Anglin on Jew Israeli Television

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 14, 2017

I start talking at 1:45.

The rest of it is Hebrew, which you probably do not understand. It is a lot of sounds that sound like throat-clearing and the sounds I imagine a fat person makes during sex.

The interview is about our support for Yair Netanyahu, son of the Prime Minister of Israel, who has recently come out and condemned the Jews for their control of the world.

It was fun. I wish I would have recorded my own copy separately so I could share it with you all. I meant to but we had all these weird connection problems, and then I forgot to click record.

They were going to show the whole interview – I know that because they had me say a bunch of cue things to edit it into a proper full interview – but apparently an editor decided it was just too much hardcore truth to be dumping on common Israelites. This would have made the parts that didn’t air more interesting than the parts that did so again – my bad not making my own recording.

Here’s a transcript, via a friendly Hebrew Redditor.

Nadav: The antisemitic caricature that the son of PM Yair Netanyahu posted, posted and has already managed to remove from his Facebook page, but only now are we being exposed to the consequences in the whole world. So today David Cook, head of the Ku Klux Klan, the large racist movement in the US, who has already shared the article in Ha’aretz with Netanyahu’s post in it, uploads a meme of his own, thanking Netanyahu who has exposed ZOG, a conspiracy theory that states the Israeli government controls the world. The website The Daily Stormer, one of the better-known Neonazi websites in the world, have added to their Cover photo, just like that, a picture of the PM’s son. This is what the page looks like, anyone browsing it sees this with the writing “The World’s #1 Yair Netanyahu Fansite”, meaning this is a fanpage for Yair Netanyahu (again, a very very Neonazi website) because allegedly the PM’s son supports (by spreading the caricature) the hate mongering messages, which is of course not true. The person behind this site, Andrew Anglin, is a Neonazi, hates Jews, a sickening person who has opened a Jew-hate campaign using this post, says tonight “I admire Yair Netanyahu”, no less. He takes advantage of the post to show how even the son of the Jewish country’s PM believes that Jews control the world, unbelieveable. Good night Ma’ayan Priluk.

Ma’ayan: Good night Nadav. OK, we would probably have never given that man a chance to speak here, in this show, ever — a man with extreme opinions, disgusting I have to say, inappropriate that is certain — but this post of the PM’s son Yair Netanyahu has caused such a resonance in Neonazi groups across the world that is has transitioned this post to be a weapon against us in the end. And what happened was that the picture of the son Netanyahu is covering the Daily Stormer’s cover, maybe the most Neonazi paper/magazine in the world, and it brings that same editor to be interviewed with us today, and this is what he sounds like.


Nadav: So what we understand from his words, Ma’ayan, is that this post being uploaded/shared via the son of the Jewish PM, that is the thing that makes is such an effective tool.

Ma’ayan: Indeed, that is exactly the problem. We’ll add here that our Merav Weis, who conducted the interview, had to interrupt him a number of times and remove all the hate speech, and direct and refine the interview directly to that post with the allegedly antisemitic hints, as if in the end the Jews are the ones who hate themselves, and this is his response to these things.


Nadav: We’ll recall here, Ma’ayan, that Netanyahu removed the post over the weekend after the great criticizm.

Ma’ayan: Yes, he himself probably understood there is a problematic issue here, and that maybe he made a mistake. Remember that Andrew Anglin, this editor, is a very problematic person. For months he is being followed, [they] are trying to prosecute him, and he tells us how much this post makes him and the circles listening to him happy.


Nadav: I’m sure Yair Netanyahu, no matter what he meant when he uploaded the post, didn’t intend for this to happen.

Ma’ayan: Certainly not, he calls Yair Netanyahu “a brother”. I will say here in our names, and also I allow myself in the name of Yair Netanyahu, we’re certainly not your brothers.

Nadav: Ma’ayan Priluk, thanks.

Ma’ayan: Thank you very much, Nadav.

Nadav: On Yair Netanyahu’s behalf we have been informed that Netanyahu the son is an enthusiastic Zionist, a proud Jew, the grandson of a grandfather whose whole family was destroyed in the Holocaust, that his [the grandfather’s] surname he [Yair] has taken as his own name on his Facebook. The attempt to cast responsibility for antisemitism on him only because the editor of an extreme website decided to share an article from Ha’aretz (as the website frequently does) that referenced him, is a distorted and disgusting attempt. That same website covered the words of deputy chief of staff Yair Golan — it does not make Golan antisemitic, as it does not make Yair so, even if the media tries to attack him in every way.

Nadav: Again and as said, there was no attack here but factual statement of the use being done around the world by this post uploaded by Yair Netanyahu.