Andrew Anglin Interviews Matthew Heimbach on the Battle of Sacramento

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 30, 2016


Matthew “The New Face of Hate” Heimbach

Following the recent event in Sacramento, which will go down in history as the day the American race war really heated up, I talked with Matthew Heimbach, organizer of the event and head of the Traditionalist Workers Party.


Excellent work in Sacramento, Matt.

Thank you so much comrade, the true respect belongs to our very own “Sacramento Spartans.” Our comrades in California heroically defeated the hordes of the radical Leftists and inspired nationalists around the globe for their steadfast stand for Faith, Family and Folk.

What made you decide to hold the event in Sacramento?

The Traditionalist Worker Party has a very active chapter in California along with our alliance with the Golden State Skinheads (GSS). GSS organized Camp Comradery last summer which was a great nationalist event with over 200 attendees and it really demonstrated to me the power of White nationalist organizing potential in California and I got to know the comrades in GSS and really respect them for their dedication to the Cause, their families and one another.


Matt with Comrades at Camp Comradery, 2015

We picked Sacramento because of our Party chapter there but also because it is a bastion of liberalism, Cultural Marxism and anti-White sentiment in California. If we can march in Sacramento, we can march anywhere. So we came, we marched and we won.

What was the specific goal of the demonstration, and do you feel that goal was achieved?

The goal of the demonstration was to bring awareness about the clampdown on political speech and freedom of assembly for nationalists and anyone who disagrees with the far-Left radicals. Donald Trump supporters are forced to go through a gauntlet of bricks, bottles and punches even to just get into one of his rallies, especially in California.


Trump supporters were brutally attacked at a recent rally in San Jose, demonstrating again that while Democrats might not be the real racists, they are the real threat to peace and safety.

We are told that six people were stabbed and some number of others were injured. Which of those were our dudes and which were enemy dudes?

Only one of our comrades was seriously injured, the rest of those in the hospital are the antifa aggressors that started this fight and summarily lost it. It is truly amazing to see how our comrades were outnumbered 10-1 and the antifa brought an entire cache of weapons but they still got stomped into the dirt.

You invited the Golden State Skinheads to the event, and they were the ones who really showed the antifa what time it was. I was very happy to see politically-minded White nationalists working with skinheads. I have always found the opposition to skinheads among political White nationalist groups to be elitist and faggoty. What made you decide to invite skinheads to the event?

This is actually a big issue that needs to be discussed in depth. I have had the pleasure to get to know a lot of different people in the White nationalist movement over the years I have been involved in this Cause. One of the biggest problems I have found in our movement is the sub cultural divides between various factions and classism within certain factions. The skinhead subculture is a working class movement with a lot of diversity within it.

Often people make the mistake of thinking skinheads are either those of the Jewish anti-White propaganda film American History X or thinking that prison gangs like the Aryan Brotherhood that put more stock in running drugs than being pro-White are White nationalist skinheads. These portrayals are simply propaganda put out by the enemy to demonize working class Whites who organize on the local level to defend their communities and to take a stand for their people.


The Heroes of GSS were on the frontlines of the Battle of Sacramento

In my experience skinheads are overwhelmingly hard working folks who love their families and have true fraternity with one another.

One of the biggest failures of our movement historically has been the division of groups based on class. Members of our Cause can posture and pose about being above working with everyday folks, but it is those dedicated men and women who are the frontlines in this struggle and our necessary for our success.

The State is increasingly anti-White, refusing to enforce the rule of law when radical Leftists attack us. We need blue collar men who are willing to defend our political space, march in the streets and be able to talk to and recruit other working class White men and women.

One of our primary functions as a movement must be uniting our people and promoting class cooperation, gender cooperation and religious cooperation. The enemy seeks to divide us, we must unite as one people; standing shoulder to shoulder in defense of our folk.


Skinheads bled for the cause in Sacramento.


They also defended, causing enemies to bleed for their cause.

The Golden State Skinheads are a shining example of a skinhead organization. GSS is made up of family men, blue collar workers and comrades who understand the principles of nationalism and how through activism and politics we can achieve our objectives. They are the opposite of the Hollywood caricature of skinheads and I am proud to call them my friends, my brothers and my comrades.

The Traditionalist Worker Party rejects all classism and I would gladly stand next to any skinhead who is dedicated to fighting for the future of our people. Without men like this, the forces of anarchy and Red violence will forever be able to attack and intimidate our supporters, but with men like those in GSS, we can defend and advance our political space, reach new people and show the Reds that they cannot bully us off of the public stage.

Our Cause here in America needs an SA to serve the same purpose they did in Germany in the 1920’s and 1930’s, to be the frontline soldiers of our nationalist struggle and thus in this day I call for movement unity between the “boots and suits,” it is the only path to victory.

The antifa who spoke to the media said that the ideas of nationalists are a form of violence, and thus mob attacking you was self-defense. Does that make sense to you? Do you think it is a narrative they will be able to uphold long-term?

This goes to show the Orwellian doublethink of the radical Left. They have justified attacking police and even Donald Trump supporters on the same idea that enacting nationalist policies are a form of violence, thus justifying them holding riots and attacking people they disagree with politically, even aiming to kill those on our side. This narrative will quickly fall apart and already is.


We’ve now got Breitbart defending skinheads. released a story detailing the radical and violent nature of groups like By Any Means Necessary and other antifa groups who view everyday conservatives, pro-lifers, traditional marriage supporters and even 2nd Amendment supporters as being on the exact same level as nationalists. This radical Leftist agenda and their continued violence will only send an ever increasing amount of everyday White people into the nationalist camp. As one Breitbart commenter said “These people have forced me into the position of having to defend my own existence just because of the color of my skin. I’ve never been able to stomach the KKK, Nazi, skinhead types. And now I am backed into the corner of joining with them in my own self-defense.”

The Left is polarizing American politics and pushing White working families into our camp, it is now our duty to organize and mobilize them for the principles of nationalism.

The organization which organized the attack, By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), is classified by the FBI as a terrorist group. The attack on the Traditionalist Worker’s Party clearly fits the definition of a terrorist attack. As I understand it, they publicly told people to bring bricks and baseball bats to the rally. Those who brought knifes could reasonably be charged with pre-planned attempted murder. What do you think the chances are that members of the group and/or the organizers will be brought up on charges?

I think that there is a chance that BAMN will suffer charges for the premeditated attempted murder of our comrades. They said publicly that “this is not a protest, this is a shut down” and the fact that they did not receive any permits for their counter demonstration indicates they had no interest in ever peacefully protesting.

The BAMN radicals chanted “Kill the Nazis” and “Kill the Fascists” as they attacked our comrades, urging on antifa with knives, bats and even a gun to kill our comrades, a clear incitement to immediate illegal activity which is the legal definition of inciting a riot. For that alone the BAMN organizers should be investigated, charged and convicted for Federal civil rights violations and incitement to riot.


The real threat to society – this fat pear woman needs immigrants because White men won’t have sex with her. 

The System of course is anti-White and I am not holding my breath that the law will be upheld, but I am hopeful that justice will be done and these Leftist radicals will serve serious jail time for their violent terrorist assault on our peaceful and legal rally.

Are any of our guys being brought up on charges following the event?

None of our comrades have been charged because the police made clear to us and to the media that our comrades were simply defending themselves within the limits of the law.


Negroid Antifa stabbed-up, legally.

Our men were armed with shields and a few flagpoles defended themselves against knives, a gun, bats, chunks of concrete, bottles and improvised weapons. Our Sacramento Spartans defeated the enemy and followed the law, a true credit to their discipline, courage and skill.

The antifa did not appear to have been very intelligently organized, and made themselves look very bad. Do you think there is some strategy there I am missing, or are they just dumb?

I think that the radical Left has spent too many years attacking those who do not fight back. Going after conservatives who have an Establishment that will not resist the attacks of the radical Left or those in our movement who hide in conference rooms have given them a false sense of invincibility. The Leftist coalition cannot be very well organized because it doesn’t make sense or have a unifying principle or ideology other than hating nationalists.

The communists want a totalitarian State while the anarchists want no State. The Black nationalists want their own Homeland and self determination while White liberals dream of a multiracial utopia.

You have radical feminists and homosexuals marching next to Muslims who oppose their lifestyle. Blacks and Hispanics when Whites are not in an area end up fighting one another and their coalition is fracturing. White antifa are being iced out of the Black Lives Matter movement because even “White allies” aren’t welcome in Black “safe spaces.”

Their coalition is built simply on trying to stop White nationalism in America and as we grow, get more organized and begin winning more victories against them, their alliance will fracture even more against our steadfast and united movement.

What do you think about the psychology of the individual antifa fighters? I tend to think they are just young guys with a lot of energy who want to fight for something.

I think that White masculinity having been deemed “toxic” by mainstream society has pushed a lot of young White men into the ranks of antifascist groups because it is one of the only places they find community and a socially acceptable outlet for a natural male instinct to fight. The Jews and radical Left uses young White men as cannon fodder and making them “useful idiots” for the anti-White Cause.


This young, healthy-looking White lad is probably just confused and looking for something to fight for.

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Others among antifa have different reasons for being involved, of course.

Joseph Goebbels famously said that it was easier to convert a communist to National Socialism than to convert a conservative. Do you think it is likely that as we gain momentum, many of these guys will join our side?

I think when many Leftists realize that we as nationalists are the true socialists, the true anti-globalists and the true anti-capitalists I believe they will come to our side. White antifa have no place in the future of the Left wing movement and that is already being made clear to them. Several of our Party comrades are previous IWW and CPUSA members who came to our side for these very same reasons. As nationalism grows, the Left will have a large defection of the White blue collar individuals who have long made up their ranks.

Following the event, I noted the difficulty the media was having in fitting it into their “evil Nazi” narrative. The coverage was awkward and fumbling, not in part due to the way the antifa spoke to the media. How do you feel about the way the media covered the event and its aftermath?

I want to give a specific shout out and praise to the ABC 10 reporter Frances Wang for her coverage during the event. Ms. Wang is a Chinese immigrant and seemed to have far more journalistic integrity than any #cucked White reporter or Jew would ever give us. While most reporters are tools of the System, we should always give praise to reporters who buck the PC line and actually report the Truth. She reported accurately on the ground that the antifa were the aggressors, they came with weapons and that our men defended themselves.

Frances Wang

Skinhead-friendly Asian reporter Frances Wang actually tried to report the event honestly

Overall I was pleased with the media exposure, especially from conservative outlets that are not White nationalist but understand the implications of this event. If Leftist radicals can attack nationalists and attempt to shut down our freedom of speech and assembly, they can do it to normal conservatives as well.

Our victory in Sacramento is huge because it shows only by standing strong and defending your political space can you beat back the Leftist hordes. Conservative outlets spoke a lot about freedom of speech and how the fact we had a permit and the Left did not is proof that we should have been able to have our rally without any problems.

While some Leftist rags trotted out the old “Neo-Nazi” line on us, the majority of outlets were forced to report the fact that we were in the right and the Left committed actual terrorism, this is a good sign for things to come and I believe the anti-White Left suffered a huge media defeat in this case.

Will we be seeing more of these events this summer and will you let us know at the Daily Stormer so our guys can attend?

The Traditionalist Worker Party has active chapters all around the country and will be participating in a variety of events, some based on community service, community outreach and also public demonstrations. We had originally planned to be at the RNC in Cleveland but the city is making the situation very difficult. Permits will not be officially given until a few days before the RNC and to only some of the groups who have applied. It is likely after speaking with several sources in Cleveland that our Party would not be granted a permit unless we were willing to wage an expensive legal fight against the city of Cleveland.

In place of this, we are calling all comrades to New York City on July 30th. We will be holding a large protest outside of the United Nations building and are filing our permits now to ensure that we get them with proper time to plan.

The UN is of course one of the largest forces for globalism in the world and we will be marching against globalism, the UN support for demographic displacement of Whites and so called “hate speech” laws that are used against nationalists. This will be a rally in the belly of the beast and one that will show the System and the world that White men and women will no longer cower, instead we will stand strong and march forward to our final victory.

We encourage all nationalists to join us on July 30th and take a stand for Faith, Family and Folk!

Excellent! We will be announcing more about how folks can get involved with that in the near future!

Hail Victory!

Hail Victory!