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Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 14, 2015

Neo-Nazi Hotshot Finally coming clean.
Neo-Nazi Hotshot Finally coming clean.

So, in the recent SPLC attack piece, it was brought up that some people on Stormfront hate me, allegedly because I have a “race-mixing past” and said some things on a radio show with a Black guy years ago that amounted to a new Holocaust.

My policy has continually been, throughout my life, to be as open and honest as possible with people. Long time readers will be aware that I have addressed these issues before, regularly, and often make reference to them. But as some newer readers feel that this is some sort of conspiracy, I feel it is only fair that I go ahead and address it again (the long post I wrote on Total Fascism about this isn’t available, as the site is no longer available – it will be back up at some point, I still have the database, it just isn’t hosted).

I try to steer clear of drama, but I really want to get all of this off my chest.  I’m going to speak on a couple people who have attacked me, even though I hate even addressing it, because it is simply not fair that I should have to remain in silence as these people continue to lie about and berate me.

Honestly, this is more for my own catharsis than the benefit of the reader.

The Life History of Andrew Anglin

Ever since I was 18, I have been on the internet writing things and talking about issues, and I have generally been pretty open with my life. Throughout this period, I have evolved on a personal level. Hitler says in Mein Kampf  (first part of Chapter 3) that a man should never go into politics until he is 30, as his views are subject to change due to personal psychological developed and the neurological process of obtaining, cataloging and organizing information, and I have found this to be very true.

I had always, growing up, felt deeply alienated by society, as I think we all probably did or we wouldn’t be on this site. When you feel this way, you look for solutions, and regrettably, those solutions are not obvious.

I started out with normal Alex Jones type conspiracy material, and then moved on to weirder conspiracy material, and then eventually decided Ted Kaczinski was right with regards to a coming apocalypse due to the rapidity of technological development, read a bunch of stuff from Jaques Ellul and Jean Baudrillard, and went to live in a jungle in Asia for a while.

Exposed: Andrew Anglin admits he listened to Alex Jones for like 5 years!  He even bought DVDs of Police State 3 and angered off his entire family by giving them copies!  This is the final proof he's a shill!
Exposed: Andrew Anglin admits he listened to Alex Jones for like 5 years! He even bought DVDs of Police State 3 and angered his entire family by giving them copies! Alex Jones even used to post his articles on INFOWARS.COM!  This is the final proof he’s a shill!

To be clear, I was actually already living and working in Asia at the time, because it was just so much more sensible economically.  Also, it is a lot of fun in Southeast Asia (China isn’t), and all the White people you meet are outcast sorts who you can usually connect with easily (you aren’t really spending much time with Asians).  As the reader is aware, to this day I have little negative to say about Asians, save that I don’t think they should be immigrating into Western countries (in any kind of numbers) and I don’t think White people should be producing children with them.  I will also say that Chinese people don’t have souls.

Having been raised mostly without exposure to non-Whites, this was when I first started thinking seriously about race as a biological concept. Eventually, I got fed up and realized that I couldn’t live in a jungle with a bunch of 80 IQ jungle people.

I had always been into 4chan, as I am at heart a troll. This is about the time /new/ was going full-Nazi, and so I got into Hitler, and realized that through this type of nationalist system, alienation could be replaced with community in a real sense, while the authoritarianism would allow for technology to develop in a direction that was beneficial rather than destructive to the people.

Then, without really any knowledge at all of the contemporary White Nationalist scene, I started Total Fascism, a blog promoting total fascism.

Memory Lane.  I'm going to get this site back up so we can all stroll it.
Memory Lane: I’m going to get this site back up so we can all stroll it.

Not a Conspiracy, Bro

All of this was open and public. I have nothing to hide here, nothing to apologize for and no regrets. If I had not gone through this personal journey, I would not be where I am now. That is the reality. I have never been the type of person to believe something because some one said it, and have had to search-out the truth for myself.

When I went full Nazi, it was a story on a bunch of blogs that conspiracy Andre had gone full Nazi. I encouraged the readers of my old website to come read my Nazi material. Some of my first posts on the blog were about my ideological journey. So the idea that people are “exposing” me by bringing up stuff I said publicly and wrote about – continue to write about, even – is goofy, and seemingly meant to purposefully cause confusion. No wonder almost everyone doing it is either an “anonymous WN” or a Black or Moslem.

I used to consider myself a Hunter S. Thompson figure.  Now I consider myself the Nazi version of Hunter S. Thompson.
I used to consider myself a Hunter S. Thompson figure. Now I consider myself the Nazi version of Hunter S. Thompson.

Note: I don’t mean to say that everyone who is suspicious when they hear of this is in the wrong, merely that those who obsess on it after they’ve heard my explanation – such as those in the SF thread – are either extremely low IQ or are doing it because they don’t like me for some other reason. Probably, they are the actual anti-social basement-dwelling type of WN (I have nothing against lonely basement dwellers, and understand it is the Jews’ fault they are like that, but they are nonetheless unproductive people) who don’t like that I’ve made racism cool, because they want to keep it as their own little club, or they are people who are obsessed with the AmRen idea of a soft approach, and think I go too far. But again, most of the attacks come from people who are not even claiming to be WN, and then are picked up by these people.

Always is brought up this audio recording (not a real radio show) of me with this Black guy where I say both that “White people should just be bred out” and “I’m only attracted to Black girls.” Presumably, the latter statement would demonstrate that I was not being entirely serious during the discussion, as no one is attracted to Black girls (scientific fact), unless I guess if they look like Alicia Keyes (totally European features). To put that in context, the Black I was talking to is married to White woman – get the joke?

Still, I was definitely confused at the time.  I have addressed this recording before by just saying “ah, I was a liberal then and I woke up,” but that is an oversimplification.  I was not really ever a liberal, in the SJW sense, as they are fighting for the system which is something I never did.  I did for whatever reason at the time think this Black guy had some interesting things to say.  This I must admit.  But I was also drunk and being stupid.

As I have said before, and as you are able to see from reading this site, I am personally not very oriented towards seriousness. I tend to be something of a troll. If you are uncomfortable with that, this probably is not the site for you.  Some WN types are just really heavy – I understand and respect you for this, and there is no reason for us to be at each others’ throats.  You can do your thing, and I’ll keep doing mine.

And that isn’t to say I didn’t have an issue with White society at the time. I did and still do (at the time I also held on to a bit of White guilt and self-hatred, something which I have fully cleansed myself of). It is merely that when people post these quotes they are out of context from a drunken conversation where I was half making fun of and half seriously engaging a Black conspiracy theorist.

The most important point, however, is that I don’t agree with these statements now and so the relevance of having said them when I had a different belief system is completely lost on me. If the idea here is that no one who wasn’t born into a racist type movement should ever be involved, then I don’t know how to respond to that. For me, the purpose of running this site is to change people’s views so that they are in-line with my own. Saying “if you didn’t already believe this, I want nothing to do with you” strikes me as utterly nonsensical, a type of lunatic raving.

Then people also call me a “race mixer” for having hung out with Asian girls. I never had a serious Asian girlfriend, nor did I ever produce any Asian children, and when talking about the problems with interracial relationships I regularly cite the fact that I have dated Asian girls – so again, bringing this up like “haha – I gotcha!” strikes me as retarded. It is also creepy to have people making up stories about my sex life, and definitely reflects on them a lot more than it does me.

“Lewka Peel/Yusuf Shakur” (both fake names, the latter being is convert Moslem name in honor of Tupac Shakur), a fast food worker and an associate of the Black conspiracy theorist I was on the phone with in the infamous recording, is one of the most devoted of my trolls, literally going through periods every couple of months where he spends endless hours of his life trying to stop people from reading my website. He is a guy I talked to on the phone a few times when I was working my way out of conspiracy cultism, and he then converted to Islam. He is also a rapper.

His trolling focuses exclusively on his fantasies about my sex life (all made up, often in great detail) – never one single time has he tried to disagree with any of my political positions. This obsession has led me to believe he is a repressed homosexual, as I cannot imagine focusing on the sex life of a political opponent while trying to dissuade someone from believing in their political arguments.

This picture gets spammed as proof I'm a shill. A meme created by a Moslem convert rapper.  Isn't it cute that Lewka/Yusuf calls me "Andy"?
This picture gets spammed as proof I’m a shill – sitting at a table with Asians while in Asia 6 years ago. A meme created by a Moslem convert rapper.

This is the background Peel/Shakur uses for his YouTube videos attacking me:

This is the background Peel/Shakur uses for his YouTube videos attacking me.  Can you imagine adding the words "a real hero" to a picture of yourself?

Can you imagine adding the words “a real hero” to a picture of yourself? If you did that, would you have the nerve to underline it for emphasis?  The above screenshot is from a video he made against Scott Roberts after Scott Roberts went on a Talkshoe call with him.  Roberts had said he had a lot of respect for him before he began attacking him for being a racist with Asian children.

Like the SPLC, this guy stalks my family.

Look at this comment he posted on my YouTube channel a while back:

He has invented an entire detailed story about my personal sex life, and he posts it all across the internet.  Anonymous people claiming to be WN then use this material.
This is what we are dealing with: He has invented an entire detailed story about my personal sex life, and he posts it all across the internet. Anonymous people claiming to be WN then use this material.

For him, it is personal due to his being a Moslem and someone who identifies strongly with Black cultural identity, but there are so many people he could be attacking that his focus on me – and that he makes it purely about sex – leads me to believe he is pure homo.  He also literally uses a pet name – “Andy” – in his material against me, which is gay as hell.

It also appears to be personal for conspiracy theorist Scott Roberts, who was for some time entirely obsessed with me, due ostensibly to a disagreement about Russian politics. Long time readers will remember that Roberts felt very strongly during the Maidan Ukraine situation that the entire thing was a staged hoax by Jews for the purpose of… I never really understood, he just kept saying “divide and conquer” without qualifying it.  Honestly, it seemed as though he believed the entire alleged Ukraine hoax was a conspiracy staged against him personally.

Anyway, I had no problem with him stating his opinion, but he became confused by a WordPress anti-spam measure used on the site which requires any comment containing two or more links to be approved by a moderator before being posted (because spam posts often have two or more links). He began claiming that I was committing a conspiracy against him and selectively censoring his comments, posting wild spam insulting me and claiming I was part of a Jewish plan to cover up the truth of the Ukraine hoax. To be perfectly honest, I was sitting there reading the comments and just got pissed off and banned him.

The ban was meant to be temporary, and a couple days later I sent Roberts some messages on Skype telling him the situation and that he could come back and comment if he would just chill. He never responded, and then began making daily videos against me. As no one cared about these daily videos – given that most people are capable of understanding that not everyone is going to agree about everything, as well as the fact that even though I tend to be more pro-Putin than anti-Putin, I allow anti-Putins to voice their opinion in the comments section – Roberts decided to post the above mentioned drunken radio recording in order to generate drama. He also for whatever reason lied and said it was from 2012 just days before I started TF (I’m not really sure why); it was recorded in either late 2010 or 2011 (I honestly don’t remember, but it was a time in my life when I was definitely not at my best).

Note that he had previously defended me when people brought this up, saying people’s past is not relevant to what they are saying now, and also saying the comments were obviously sarcastic (I would pull those quotes but his site is now defunct).

So again, this was ostensibly about his views on the Russian conspiracy, but he made it about drama, which obviously indicates it was personal. The level of pure obsession was also indicative of a personal issue.

Roberts has himself invented a series of conspiracy theories, which he incorporates with theories promoted by mainstream conspiracy theorists (chemtrails even, lol), and will attack anyone who disagrees with these theories. However, few of his allies in the war against me appear to believe in his home-made theory of “secret pure-blooded Jews” or any of the other theories he is personally responsible for inventing.  To point out the obvious, he would have to take the same issue he takes with me with William Pierce, George Lincoln Rockwell and Adolf Hitler if these men were still around.

Roberts’ is not a homo (he has several kids – who are coincidentally Asian, even while he attacks me for hanging out with Asian chicks); his obsessionism appears to relate to his autism. Nothing against autists here, but they do have this sort of obsessive tendency. Scott continues to say he wants a debate, but I have already debated him on all of these issues, and right now, I just want nothing at all to do with him. It is a very creepy feeling to have people obsessed with you. Most men never experience it (women obviously do).

I also want to note that I am only bringing this up because of all the people who say “what about Scott Roberts, etc. etc. etc.”  I am not doing it to attack him, as I can count the flips I give on no hands.  It is just that the air needs cleared, because in knowing I don’t do drama, these people are allowed to spread lies about me while I sit by saying nothing, and I have come to the conclusion that this is unfair to me, and that I have a right to respond.  For the record, I am not aware of Roberts talking about me for a while now, and it may be that he has moved on.  I hope that is the case, as this obsession was clearly not good for his own mental health.  And, if there are any fans of Scott Roberts in the audience, please do not be dissuaded from watching his videos.

For me, there is nothing personal here.  I am simply stating my side of the story, for the record.

A Secret Agent Man?

All of these people attacking me tend to accuse me of being a secret agent based on the fact that I was not always a Nazi. Honestly, I don’t even understand this, as it is unclear to me how one thing would lead to the other. I don’t really even know what else to say about it, save that everyone in the WN movement is obsessed with accusing others of being secret agents, so it’s to be expected.  This is by far the least offensive, as the idea I’m a secret agent makes me seem way more hardcore than I actually am.

Secret agent Andre.
Secret agent Andre.

A more stupid argument claims I am doing it for money. I obviously (at least I hope it is obvious) have writing skills on par with any journalist, and could be making the $80,000 a year an AP journalist makes (or coming up with something much better and making a lot more, given the hours I work). Not being haughty here, it’s simply a fact. And right now, with PayPal shut down, I can barely pay the server bill with the few contributionss from those who are willing to take the time to send it through the mail. I’m definitely not getting rich.

Finally, there is the dumbest conspiracy theory of all, which is that I am secretly not actually White, which makes absolutely no sense.  I can kinda see now that people have pointed it out that I have a slightly flatish nose, but I’m pretty sure this is just because I’ve been in so many fist fights (“Anglin Exposed! Drunken fist-fighting punk!”).  And anyway, a lot of White people have flatish noses – I’ve been looking for it since I had this conspiracy pointed out to me by trolls on a chan board, and I’d say it’s roughly 7% of Whites.  I am regularly mistaken for both German and Swedish – I could not be any more White.  This is just a stupid Jew hoax.  Never in my life has anyone ever asked if I was mixed race – my skin is that pinkish color we’ve been taught to be ashamed of.

These are my maternal grandparents
These are my maternal grandparents.  Grandma was Irish/Welsh, grandpa was Anglo.
These are my paternal grandparents (facing each other at the back of the table.  Grandma was German/Swedish, Grandpa was Anglo.
These are my paternal grandparents (facing each other at the back of the table). Grandma was German/Swedish, Grandpa was Anglo.

If anything, a sensible accusation would be that I have a drive in me to fight for something, and have gone through my life looking for the right thing to fight for. You could even accuse me of having a psychological problem wherein I use WN as an excuse to fight against something, the fight itself perhaps being more important than the ideology. But if that were happening, I wouldn’t be able to know it myself, because that is not how the human mind works.

And if it were happening, would it make the content I produce any less valuable?

Sorry Faggot, I’m Not Your Dad

Much of this drama seems to revolve around people needing a father figure, and desiring me to be some authoritative moral leader. Regrettably, I am just a guy who runs a website. What I have that is powerful are ideas and these are all other people’s ideas.

All I am doing here is applying the concepts laid out in thousands of years of European tradition to the modern age. It isn’t easy, and I am very proud of what I do, but I am not some philosopher who has discovered a new moral code or a social theorist who has discovered the mystery of the new paradigm.  One of the reasons I don’t want to be involved with the likes of Scott Roberts is that I don’t have any desire to try and go and come up with a bunch of new concepts, especially when there is no need to and these new concepts are bizarre.

I ask myself this, in all things: WWHD? (What Would Hitler Do?). To be slightly more honest/specific, I ask myself what Hitler would do if he’d been born in 1984 in America and was dealing with this situation we are currently dealing with and also really liked 4chan and Anime.

Sorry guys, I'm not the new Hitler.  I'm just an internet troll who thinks White people have a right to exist.
Sorry guys, I’m not the new Hitler. I’m just an idealistic internet troll who thinks White people have a right to exist.

Hitler was, ultimately, the symbolic (and in some ways actual real life) culmination of traditional Europeanism.

If I seem brilliant, it is only because I am guided by the principles of brilliant men. Of course, I do understand the drive for a leader, who will inevitably be a father-figure in many ways, but I am not that guy.

People who are looking for this guy in me are going to be disappointed, because I am often wrong, both in word and action.

I am merely a guy trying to do what I believe to be the right thing with the abilities I’ve been given.

If you are uncomfortable with this, don’t read the site. Or, if you like, spend endless hours of your life attacking me instead of doing something productive to further the cause that you claim to believe in.  It’s your life and your call.

I’ll keep doing what I do, which is produce media which I believe offers an effective counter to the Jew takeover of Western society.

Andrew Anglin at Mussolini's Place
To fight.

Hail Victory.