Anderson Cooper Gets All Choked-Up for Poor Aids-Infested Haitian Immigrants

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 12, 2018

Anderson got all choked up that his steady supply of AIDS-infected underaged nigger dick would be drying up soon. He went on air to cry some little bitch tears about Trump calling out Haiti for what it is – a shithole country full of shitholes.


After an explosive report by The Washington Post claimed Donald Trump referred to African countries and Haiti as “s***holes”, CNN presenter Anderson Cooper decided to tackle the subject.

“I want to take a moment to talk about Haiti, one of the places the president of the United States called a ’s***hole country,’” he started the segment.

Cooper then spoke about his experiences with Haiti and the country’s people, revealing his maths teacher was a Haitian immigrant who was later assassinated when running for president of Haiti.

The presenter also spoke about visiting the country multiple times throughout his career — reporting on the 2010 earthquake — also venturing there on holiday.

“Like all countries, Haiti is a collection of people,” he said. “It’s rich and poor, well-educated and not, good and bad. But I’ve never met a Haitian who isn’t strong. You often have to be in a country where a government has abandoned its people, opportunities are few, and mother nature has punished the people far more than anyone should ever be published.”

First of all, never forget that this guy is a literal CIAnigger who glows in the dark.

Here’s the video:

Second of all, Mother Nature never makes any mistakes.

I thought that lefties were all Gaia tree-huggers or something? In that case, is nature being a dumb bitch or is nature wise and powerful and never wrong mang?

Make up your minds, libshits.

I actually lean toward the whole “Nature is never wrong” side of the argument. I think the Alt-Right is all about realizing natural law.

In the particular case of Haiti though, its obvious that not only Mother Nature hates them, but God and Jesus hates them as well.

These savages practice Voodoo and cannibalism. Jesus punishes them on the regular for that with constant hurricanes and floods. If they were smart, they would repent and apologize for their bullshit witch doctors and bizarre blood sacrifice black magic crap.

But no, they’re too dumb and too black so they get everything that’s coming to them.

In terms of Mother Nature, they fucked up there too when they chopped down all their trees and made their side of the island look like Mordor.

So Mother Nature has a bone to pick with them as well.

Trump was correct to condemn these savages.

I’d also like to point out that Haiti USED to be a decent colony before the blacks rose up in revolt and killed all the Whites. Any normal White person understands that the Haitians are getting what’s coming to them.

In fact, every time a Haitian drowns, St. Breivik lets out a deep Nordic belly-laugh before going back to playing his PlayStation from his comfy Ikea-furnished jail cell in Norway.

That’s because Norway has always been bro-tier and our friend. Trump just brought the normies up to speed on that.

We should be getting more immigrants from Norway. The first one on the boat ought to be Anders Breivik, who upon killing a hundred more leftists and mystery meats will be granted full American citizenship and immunity from persecution for life.

In summary: Fuck Haiti and Anderson Cooper, Norway uber-friends and god bless America.