And the Winner is… Brazil!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 11, 2018

Yeah, I mean.

The thing about the blacks that I’ve learned is that they enjoy killing one another, and sometimes other people. Mostly though, the killing is like a game they play with each other.

Basically, they reenact African tribal warfare. Lifeforms biologically adapt to certain situations. This is called “evolution,” usually. Part of the adaptation process is that they naturally grow to enjoy the required activities. Due to the situation in historic Africa, where war was constant, the Africans grew to enjoy the process of constant violence.

And so we have this.

The Guardian:

Brazil broke its own record for homicides last year, according to new figures which showed that 63,880 people were killed in 2017 – a 3% increase from the previous year.

Data from the independent Brazilian Public Security Forum said that an average of 14 people died at the hands of police officers every day – an increase of 20% from the previous year.

Rapes also rose 8% to 60,018, while murders of women increased 6.1% to 4,539.

“It is a devastating scenario,” said Renato Sérgio de Lima, director of the forum, who said the homicide figures had been exacerbated by antiquated laws and police procedures and the growth in organised crime. Most victims were young, black men from poor urban areas, he said.

“The numbers show we have a serious problem with lethal violence,” he said.

Yeah, I guess you would have to define “problem.”

If the blacks had a problem with this, presumably, they would stop doing it.

Everywhere in the world they go, if there is a group of them, they engage in this behavior.

Here’s a map of the global negroid population:

Here’s a map of the global murder rate:

So, I mean.

What do you want? 

This is just what these people do.

It seems that the more rural they are, the less likely they are to commit murders.

This is the thing with Southerns saying “they’re different down here.”

And the thing with the lighter shades of red in Africa on the murder map – these are less densely populated areas, where the blacks are more likely to be rural.

So… Brazil could do Pol Potism, and deathmarch the city populations of blacks onto farms, I guess.

But short of that… I don’t really know what people want when they talk about “lowering the black murder rate.”

When you talk about the problematic behaviors of other species, such as mosquitoes spreading disease, you talk about killing off populations. With mosquitoes, they use chemical gas, death traps and they limit their ability to breed.

I’m not saying that is the solution to the black problem. I mean, if you asked me, that might be what I would say. Because it is sort of the very, very obvious answer.

But it’s not a popular answer.

Mainly due to propaganda by the communist Chinese, who control Hollywood and the entire media.