And So It Begins: 4th Wave: WHO Says Half Million to Die in Europe by February


The fourth wave has been declared in Europe.

Thus begins the Dark Winter.

I really hope that you’ve all made decisions that you’re going to be happy about in 3 months, because what is going to happen now is a rapid series of very bizarre and demented events.


Europe is facing a potentially devastating winter that could see half a million people die with Covid-19, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Thursday, as it sounded the alarm over a surge in cases and bemoaned stuttering vaccination rollouts on parts of the continent.

Much of Europe is battling spikes in infections, with Germany on Thursday reporting its highest number of daily new cases since the pandemic began.

And in a dire new warning, WHO regional director Hans Kluge said the pace of transmission across the region was of “grave concern.”

“We are, once again, at the epicenter,” Kluge said in a statement.

“According to one reliable projection, if we stay on this trajectory, we could see another half a million COVID-19 deaths in Europe and Central Asia by the first of February next year,” he warned, adding that 43 of the 53 countries on his patch could also see high or extreme stress on hospital beds.

Large swathes of the continent are battling to beat back surges of the Delta variant, which has complicated the relaxing of restrictions in many countries. Eastern Europe is particularly badly hit; cases are at record levels in Russia and now Germany, while Ukraine’s capital Kiev introduced strict new restrictions on Monday.

Look: there is nothing keeping these people from just lying about the hospital beds.

What are you going to do?

Go in yourself, into the hospital, as an anti-vaxer, and film the hospital beds? Purebloods are not allowed into the hospital. Even if you get in and film it, they will ban your videos from social media. If they go viral before they can ban it, they will come up with a lie to explain it on fact-checking sites, and the rest of the media will not cover it. They will also hunt you down and arrest you and threaten you, accuse you of terrorism.

There is nothing stopping any kind of government and media abuse at this point, and they can all just say whatever they want. The hospitals could be closed and they could say they’re overflowing and no one would be able to prove them wrong. They can say tens of thousands have died. If you’re in a country that still has functional reporting systems, the media can still lie. Or the government can start refusing to release the numbers at all.

The point is: there are no checks and balances, because the primary check and balance in a Western democracy system was the media. That’s how it was designed. I watched that debate between Nick Fuentes and Styxhexenhammer666 about China (which I’m going to write about later today or tomorrow), and Styx kept saying that China also does censorship. Obviously, China’s censorship is nowhere near as extreme as the West, but the other thing is that this is an ancient civilization that is ordered in a completely different way. They’ve never had the news media as a pivotal aspect of their society, in the way media has played that role since the 18th century in the West.

The First Amendment was about freedom of speech and freedom of press for a reason – it was considered a primary structural element of the society. I tried to explain all of this when I was banned in 2017, but no one listened. And it’s totally gone now. The entire media is totally locked down.

All of the hell I’ve told you about is now coming straight down the pipe. Maximum Hell: The Unleashing.

They are going to fully lock down, they’re going to start accusing anti-vaxers of mass murder and a biological terrorism conspiracy. The whole thing is coming now.

Right now, we are sitting on a mountain, and the avalanche was just triggered.

I’ve done all I could do in terms of trying to warn you people.

I hope you’ve made good decisions.