Ancient Jewish Transvestism Gives Us Hope

Diversity Macht Frei
September 1, 2018

When trannies fill your timeline, the world may be about to change for the better.

There is a theory that every Weimar brings its Fuhrer; that every outbreak of epic degeneracy, as if by some unknowable mechanism of nature, brings a devastating riposte in the form of a stern, moustachioed man who says “No!”. Or even “Nein!”

Thoughts like these may been have revolving through the head of Alex Jones the other day as he viewed tranny porn on his phone on air while expounding his theories about the strangely hook-nosed Chinamen who keep shutting down his free speech.

With Weimar in mind, was Jones contemplating a shift in the tectonic plates of history? Did his finely-tuned ears hear the distant stamp of jackboots marching and the as-yet faint growl of panzer engines powering up?


The history of the Jews gives warrant to the theory that trannies are the heralds of convulsive change.

Arguably, the most devastating blow the Jews ever received was the destruction of their temple in Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 AD.

There, too, shortly before the Roman armies had invested the city, like demonic imps demanding retribution, the trannies had appeared.

Just before the siege of Jerusalem began, this is how turncoat Jew Josephus described the actions of the Jewish zealots within its walls.

With an insatiable lust for loot, they ransacked the houses of the wealthy; the murder of men and the violation of women were their sport; they caroused on their spoils, with blood to wash them down, and from mere satiety unscrupulously indulged in effeminate practices, plaiting their hair and attiring themselves in women’s apparel, drenching themselves with perfumes and painting their eyelids to enhance their beauty. And not only did they imitate the dress, but also the passions of women, devising in their excess of lasciviousness unlawful pleasures and wallowing as in a brothel in the city, which they polluted from end to end with their foul deeds. Yet, while they wore women’s faces, their hands were murderous, and approaching with mincing steps they would suddenly become warriors and whipping out their swords from under their dyed mantles transfix whomsoever they met.

Source: Josephus, The Jewish War